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Topic: The Times of Esau

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The Times of Esau


The Times of Esau is recorded in the Apocalypse of Ezra and the King James Version got the interpretation correct with 10.5 "Parts" being passed and only 1.5 "Parts" left and I realized that this is referring to a Lunar Calendar of 354 Days X 12 = 4248 years total.


Thus, Creation (and the Fall) in 4182 BC (Count starts Nisan 1, 4181 BC) up until 30 AD when the Tree was cut down leaving 38 years left to run.

If we subtract this from the Return in 2039 AD means they restarted precisely in 2001 AD and Theoferrum and when many Muslims started receiving visions of Y'shua or, more likely, the Angel of Y'shua.

That is to say the beginning of the Age to Come occurred in 2001 AD... 


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