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Topic: II Esdras : Black Dogs : Transpermia

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II Esdras : Black Dogs : Transpermia



II Esdras makes an interesting statement that in the end days women will give birth to monsters and I suspect that this is a result of transpermia from Planet X's wake from its destruction of Rahab (Tiamet) and also explains the resurgence of the Giants after the flood.  This planet may have been a home for the 'angels' or 'watchers' and the Sumerian accounts say they invaded the earth 1200 years before the flood or about 400 years after creation (circa 3700 BC) when they started to mate with mortal women.  Well, some of them were still on the planet as well as massive dinosaurs and trees so that when it was destroyed the seed from all those species would be floating around in space and in Planet X's wake and come raining down, literally, on earth (like frogs, fish, etc) and into the water and if any female from any species that went into the water could, potentially, become impregnated.


Because of the higher gravity and atmospheric pressure of this planet (probably about 1/4 the size of Jupiter) all these species would be very robust, to say the least (think Superman from Krypton) and they would, conceivably, be using 100% of their brains which would include Telepathy.  Thus you have the Black Dogs that can stand on their legs and run like humans and that can impart their thoughts to people - see the movie Dog Soldiers for a real accurate enactment of this type of monster as well as American Monsters by Linda S. Godfrey (I think) who has a section on Black Dogs (by a different nomenclature).  This would also make their hides extremely tough so that, conceivably, a regular lead bullet could bounce off it without penetrating the skin so that you would need to use a heavier metal to actually kill one of them - the origins of the silver bullet.


This also explains some things that neither Evolutionists or Creationists can answer and that is the fossils of dinosaurs and plants that are much to large to have originated on this planet - they came raining down from the destruction of Rahab.


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