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Topic: The Judgment Period Ascension Principle

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The Judgment Period Ascension Principle


I just realized that most of my chronologies were still off by one year for, in order to maintain an accurate count of years there is a principle used by the Chaldeans and Jews to add a year between Kings (and Generations as in Genesis) Lists or otherwise you will end up losing years.


Thus, when we apply this principle to the various Biblical Chronologies and Judgment Periods (a score or more) then they all need to be adjusted which I just got done doing.


Basically, if a judgment occurs in the middle of the year then you must start the Judgment Period the following Nisan First which threw off most of my chronologies by one year which have, now, all been corrected with INCREDIBLE PRECISSION that is, basically, unrivaled anywhere by anybody.


Taken with my recent post on the Eagle from the Sea Vision pretty much carves these times in Stone.


Only one minor one I need to check some more and that's it...

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