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Topic: The Times of Tyndale

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The Times of Tyndale


It appears that Tyndale's life is a reflection of the persecution that the saints will experience during the tribulation.  His Bible was published with Wood Cuts of the Apocalypse precisely in 1532-33 AD plus 500 years ends precisely in 2032 AD and the start of the tribulation and he was martyred three years later which would end precisely in 2036 AD and mid tribulation.


This 500 years chronometer is used by the Holy Spirit in the Life of the Church.  Every 500 years, like clockwork, a major event occurred in the History of Christendom.  In 451 AD the first split of the church occurred at Chalcedon when Rome took the Scepter away from Alexandria which, up until that time, had been the Capital of Christianity, resulting in the Oriental Churches being excommunicated by the Pope in Rome.  Exactly 500 years later was the Great Schism when the Orthodox broke away from the Catholic Church.  Another 500 years saw the Protestant Reformation when the Anglican Communion of Churches left Rome in the dust.


These are based upon the three great schisms in the Apostolic Churches, to wit : John Mark (who founded the Church of Alexandria) vs Paul : Barnabus vs Paul and Peter vs Paul.  Eventually they were all reconciled and thus it is that a few years back the Catholic Church returned the remains of John Mark to Alexandria (someone stole them years ago and brought them to Venice or there abouts) and just a couple of days ago the Pope apologized to the entire (Protestant) Church for Rome's 'crimes' through the years.


So, what we have with Tyndale's life is an outline of the last 500 years of Church History from the Reformation.


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