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Topic: 44) Bibliography

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44) Bibliography




Signing the preliminary Treaty of Paris by John D. Morris from a painting by Carle Wilhelm Anton Seiler

1) Almost a Miracle - John Fereling [The Authority on the subject]

2) 1776 David McCullough

3) Founding Fathers : Secret Societies - Robert Heironimus [Excellent book]

4) A Renegade History of the United States - Thaddeus Russell [A good intro to revisionism]

5) Washington's Crossing - David Hackett Fisher

6) The Story of America - Jill LePore

7) American History Revised - Seymour Morris

8) America the last best hope - Vol. I - William Bennett

9) The real history of the American Revolution - Alan Axelrod [Bull****]

10) Best little stories of the American Revolution - C. Brian Kelly & Ingrid Smyer

11) The Politically Incorrect Guide to real American Heroes - Brion McClanahan

12) A Treasury of foolishly forgotten Americans - Michael Farquhar

13) A Great Improvisation - Stacy Schiff [on Franklin with info on Jones]

14) That's not in my American History Book - Thomas Ayres

15) America's hidden history - Kenneth David

16) Good ole days my ass - David Fryxell

17) The Light and the Glory - Peter Marshal & David Manuel [on the miraculous events]

18) Ethan Allen : His life and times - Willard Sterne Randall [very interesting read]

19) The real George Washington - National Center for Constitutional Studies

20) The United States of Strange - Eric Grzymkowski

21) The book of general ignorance - Lloyd & Mitchenson

22) A short history of the United States - Robert Remini

23) Virtue, valor and vanity - Eric Burns

24) The Everything American History book - John McGeehen

25) A History of the American People - Paul Johnson

26) The mental floss history of the United States - Erik Sass

27) The American President - Kathryn Moore

28) A Patriot's History of the United States - Michael Allen & Schweikart

29) Scared Sh*tless - Cary McNeal

30) Back to School - Rodney Dangerfield [Finally got some respect, hey!]

31) Born in Blood - John Robinson

32) Catholic Encyclopedia

33) Napoleonic Guide : British Army Slang - Richard Moore

34) 38 Vulgar Terms from Colonial Times that should be brought back - Cooper Fleishman

35) Colonial Backwoods Slang - Susan F. Craft


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