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Topic: 43) Footnotes

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43) Footnotes


Foot Notes


Declaration of Independence courtesy of Wikispaces

1  So, I looked up 'aghast' and it means 'terrified' and comes from 'ghost' - hence the Spirit of 76 for this chapter.

2  I spelled 'expatriate' wrong intentionally to emphasize that I was still living in the country of my birth.  The reader will find that most, if not all, of the typos in this work, are intentional.  That's because I used Grammarly for proofreading which is an excellent little program I can highly recommend to any aspiring authors out there.

3  The Brits themselves called their coats the Red Rags - Napoleonic Guide : British Army Slang by Richard Moore.  There are also some other interesting idioms from the time period scattered throughout this work some of which you can find in the Dictionary of the Vulgar Tongue.

 I love coining new words - expectable is set in contrast to predictable - i.e. the boys were hoping and praying (expecting) that they would get the attention of the adults.

5  Concerning the Floundering Fathers - that's called  "a malapropism is created through either the intentional or unintentional misuse of a word - substituting the 'right' word for another with a similar sound.  It derives its name from a character (Mrs. Malaprop) in Richard Sheridan's 1775 play The Rivals.'"  A Queer Bung (according to 38 Vulgar Terms from Colonial Times that Cooper Fleishman is trying to bring back so I thought I'd lend him a hand) is an 'empty purse' - what did you think it was?

6  Vomiting was known as, '****ting through the teeth' and I'm sure someone out there will appreciate that info.

7  The choice of the words may have been intentional.

8 Shortly after Dean opened up Vermont to Civil Unions a couple of boys from the state were on vacation down in Florida and a crowd beat the **** out of them when they found out where they were from.

9  Also en passant, the picture of Deist Washington kneeling in prayer in a snow bank at Valley Forge is ludicrous.  Deist's don't believe the Creator interacts with the affairs of men or of State and it actually originates from the fraudulent Vision of Valley Forge which was the country's first propaganda campaign used to spawn the Manifest Destiny movement.  Anthony Sherman was not at Valley Forge that winter and so could not have heard Washington's story.  Now, that said, on the way to Trenton, Washington's horse almost slid over a ravine threatening to take the Commander in Chief with him and the only thing that saved them both was Washington quickly yanking on the horse's mane which pulled the animal's head up and forced the beast to dig it's hind feet into the icy road.  If he had, instead, instinctively pulled on the reins, it would have forced the horse's head down and his feet would have slid out from beneath them both.  So, this is what he was referring to when he called our victory, "nothing short of a standing miracle."

10  A Fart Catcher was a servant who walked behind their Master or Mistress.  I've been called worse.  It is remotely possible that this servant intentionally got captured without revealing the retreat being more sympathetic to the Colonialists instead of the Brits - yes, black lives matter too and this one boy who may have been an African American possibly single-handedly changed the entire outcome of the war (and world history) by doing absolutely nothing - can't beat that widda stick (by the way, The 1611 King James uses the word 'wid' exactly how they use it - bet ya didn't know that!).  Not surprisingly, Georgie refused to recruit Black Soldiers even though they fought with us at Lexington, Concord and Breeds Hill (Africans in America : The Revolutionary War, Public Broadcasting Service). 

11  I grew up in the Northeast Kingdom as the upper part of Vermont is called by the locals.  The old Bailey Hazen Military Road runs right through one of the small towns about ten minutes away.

12  The idiom comes from this same time period where they would fly a 'false flag' to lure in an unsuspecting ship and then, just before the attack, they would raise their 'true colors' all of which, I thought, was a fitting description and summary of this manuscript.  I should also mention that the inspiration for the title also comes from Cyndi Lauper's Song of the same name that I listened to, endlessly, as I put this manuscript together.  Thanks, Cyndi!

13  If you want to know how lethal a New England Winter can be - my last winter there saw temperatures at -40* which was, literally, colder than Alaska at the time.  Some of the harshest conditions on the planet have not been recorded in the Antarctic but right on top of Mount Washington in New Hampshire which I could see from the house where I grew up.

14  General Charles Lee is the only Founding Father to have told the King of England off to his face which may have led to an assassination attempt by one of his doctors on Long Island after he was wounded in July of 1758 at Fort Ti.  In my opinion, Lee manifests most of the traits of someone with Asperger Syndrome - I know a little bit about that subject being diagnosed with it from several Psychiatrists one of which worked for the VA.

15  Some of these Whigs, by the way, were so atrocious that, along with people that were having a bad hair day, they were referred to as an Owl in an Ivy Bush.  You can thank Fleisman for that one.

16  Fleisman will also tell ya that an Apple Dumpling Shop was the guttural language of the day for a woman's bosom!

17  It must have been one hell of a thunderstorm cause I grew up in that area and don't remember one lasting all day or being that scary - we used to sit on the porch and enjoy God's Fireworks, as I like to call em.  You haven't seen a thunderstorm until you've survived one in the Swiss Alps, hey, so I think the Baum was either a pussy or, now, trying to throw the war - what do you think?

18  A Brother of the Blade was a term for Soldiers - Colonial Backwoods Slang by Susan F. Craft.

19  Fokken, which was recently made famous, or infamous depending upon who you ask, by Mr. Trump, originated with the Dutch.  No doubt as a result of building forts on occupied territory.


White Tailed Deer in alarm posture by D. Gordon E. Robertson courtesy of Wikipedia

20  My brothers and I were sighting in our rifles for upcoming hunting season and I was standing next to one of them who was showing me his new shotgun and an accidental discharge from a 22 rifle sent a bullet screaming about four inches away from my heart and hit him in the upper arm spending most of its energy passing through his bicep so that it actually bounced off his ribs.  He was loving it though cause the nurses at the clinic started calling him Ole Ironsides - kid you naught.

21  The reader may be interested to know that I could not find any evidence that General Charles Lee was a Mason - not even in the recent publication of a Grand Masonic List on one of the Ancestry Websites.

22  It is assuredly not a coincidence that starting in 2013 AD, conditions around the globe started deteriorating at an exponential rate.  Arabic Spring and the Twitter Revolution seemed to have kicked off the show which was followed by the incubation of ISIL which has led to the massive immigrant refugee situation threatening to overthrow Europe as a final Jihad against the Crusaders and this has finalized in the confrontation between Russia and Turkey (which is the literal Gog of the Scriptures, not Russia).  This is occurring at the same time as the social unrest in America which is apparent from the Trump phenomenon (which one sociologist recently called a breakdown in society) and, finally, all of this is also occurring at the same time that the Premillennial Faith is sweeping through the Muslim world (with millions of underground believers in Iran alone) as well as Israel (due to a fanatic Jewish extremist nearly killing a Messianic Jewish boy with a homemade bomb he mailed to them unleashing a tidal wave of sympathy for the Messianic movement) and in Christendom (with all denominations of the Church 'dying' except the Evangelicals who preach the Premillennial Fatih).  For more of this see the appendix on the Vision of the Eagle from the Sea.

23  Concerning the Doctrine of the Ten Lost Tribes it should be known that this was a Doctrine believed in by the early Church just as was the Premillennial Faith for the first 300 years.  When the Premillennial Faith was abandoned by the Church thanks to Origen (who considered it to be "too Jewish") and Augustine (circa 400 AD) then so also was the Doctrine of the Ten Lost Tribes.  When the Premillennial Faith was revived (by Lacunza and not Darby or his mentor), they neglected to revive the Apostolic Doctrine of the Ten Lost Tribes.  It has been restored, to a certain extent, by the British Israelite movement but their teaching has some major doctrinal errors which need to be exorcised in order to return to the pure teaching such as that you can become God and that the Jews of today are not real Jews.  The Jews can trace their bloodline across the pages of our history books, unfortunately, so you should take British Israelism with a grain of salt, to say the least.

24  The less than flattering assessment of the Republic of the United States by the vision required a more detailed investigation into the history of the nation than I was given by my years attending public school which directly led to this book.


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