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Topic: 42) A Final Exam of the War of Independence

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42) A Final Exam of the War of Independence


A Final Exam of the War of Independence


Arrival of Liberty Bell at Zion's Church by Davis Grey

So, here is a list of the questions that the experts can not answer about the War of Independence and Liberty all of which are perfectly answered by this study - Occam's Razor is your friend.  I will let the reader answer the questions for themselves.

Be Honest...

1) Why did Washington send a Cavalry of 500 Horsemen packing off the field of the very first battle of the war?  Why did the Officers in that Cavalry actually follow that order?  For extra credit, you can ask yourself why the establishment historians ignore this obvious act of treason - or is that too painful a question for your conscience?  Is that question politically incorrect?  Can you not handle that truth?

2) Why didn't Washington give Lee written orders at the battle of Monmouth which was the standard operating procedure?

3) Why in the world in the middle of a war would Washington have taken the time to launch an extravagant parade for this same man after breaking his own Rules of Civility and hugging Lee profusely in public?

4) Why didn't the Founding Fathers form a Union years before the war broke out?

5) This one requires you to put on your thinking cap cause even the experts haven't thought about it.  Why in the world - regardless of what they actually thought of the man - would the Founding Fathers ostracize Thomas Paine whose words inspired an entire nation or two with the fires of freedom?

6) Exactly why would the 'genius' Benjamin Franklin write a letter to General Charles Lee suggesting the suicidal action of trying to fight the State-of-the-Art British Muskets using the third world weapons of the Bow and Arrow?  Why not stick and stones, for instance, or the more ballistic Sling Shot?  After all, it worked for David, why not 'Christian' America?  Be honest!

7) Why did Congress ignore every suggestion Lee made on winning the war - keep in mind he was the acknowledged expert in the martial arena?

8) Why did Washington change vital parts of Lee's careful strategy concerning the defence of New York?

9) Why did the Officers at Valley Forge, after they had just lost 1200 men to a mild winter, throw a stinking party in full view of the survivors of that hell hole?

10) Why did John Adam's defend the Red Coats in Court after the Boston Massacre?

11) Why did it take the Founding Fathers five years to sponsor the Boston Tea Party to kick off the revolution after the Boston Massacre?

12) Why did Congress appoint a person to the position of Commander in Chief who already had a reputation of losing every battle he ever fought in?

13) Why did a soldier have to drag Washington off the field of the first battle with the British Army right on his heels?

14) Why was our Army destitute for the entire war even when surrounded by a plethora of supplies?  Be honest.

15) Why in the world would any idiot put a big white stripe on his head in the middle of a war and wear it onto a raging battlefield into a musket ball maelstrom?

16) Why in the world would any idiot Commander order his officers to put a stinking target on their heads in the first place?

17) Why did the idiot Commander sit on his ass for four hours wasting ammo and letting his army get shelled by the Brits at Germantown?  If you can answer this question you know more than Fereling who is probably the expert on the subject today!  You get an  A+ !

18) Why did he fail to take possession of the supplies at Fort Washington, Fort Lee and again at Valley Forge even though he had plenty of time and manpower to do so and which supplies the army desperately needed?

19) Why did Benedict Arnold bring a little pop gun with him to Fort Ti?

20) Why did this 'Evil Genius' insist on starting a war with Canada?

21) Why did we leave Fort Ti intact and stocked when we retreated from it knowing it would fall to the British Army?  Be honest - these Officers all had prior military experience just like Washington.

22) Forget, for now, Lee's opinion of Washington and ask yourself why the entire enlisted army - after only the first battle in the war - believed they had been sold out?

23) Why did George move into the same building as Lee before the war started?

24) Why did George order Lee off Cornwallis's flanks in New Jersey when his work there had saved the entire army and was decimating the Brits supply line and which was the strategy used in a Post-War using Fabian Tactics?  This, by the way, is what stopped both Napoleon and Hitler in Russia.

25) Why did the British Crown accuse Howe, Burgoyne and Cornwallis of throwing the war?  Come on - they aren't just whining about getting their asses kicked.

26) Why did Congress send Jones away from the shores of America and then give him a glorified barge to fight the British with in their own territorial waters?

27) Why did Adam Stevens tip our hand by crossing the Delaware in the middle of winter when it was freezing out and open fire on a post of guards when in a couple of more hours they were going to cross the river anyways?  For extra credit, you could ask yourself why the Officer in charge ignored this attack and went back to playing cards.

28) Why did George go back into the death trap at Trenton to get that nest egg - with which he could have bought another hog for himself and the officers with him - and then when they had the perfect chance to do just that instead decides to go sit on his ass at Valley Forge?  Extra credit would be why the choice of Valley Forge (which Fereling kicked around for a while) when there were better locations.  The answer involves semantics - this is the winter he tried to 'forge' the men into a European-style army - get it?

29) Why did George go against the advice of everyone in the army and try and train the army in European style warfare?

30) Why did Howe disobey direct orders from the Crown (called sedition in the movie Last of the Mohicans if you think that was a trivial action on his part - "I will have you beaten from this fort" - clear it up any for ya) and take Phillie when he was supposed to go to the aid of Burgoyne? 

31) Why did Howe refuse to engage Washington's army at Valley Forge that winter when they were so close to each other and when the destitute conditions of our army could not have been hidden from our enemies and when a decisive victory was all but ensured?

32) Why did Gates ****-can Arnold?  Be honest - Gates is a professional Military Officer with prior experience and Arnold is just a merchantman with a real ****ty military record up to this point in time.

33) How could 1200 men die at Valley Forge during a mild winter and while surrounded by a cornucopia of provisions that the Officers themselves were living high off the hog on all winter?

34) Why did Arnold visit George at Valley Forge?

35) Why did George let Lafayette take a vacation in the middle of the war to go home to France?

36) Why did they sideline Gates for three years?

37) What was the purpose of the Iroquois Campaign?

38) Why did they try and revive the Bailey Hazen Military Road fiasco?

39) Why did George personally open a private letter from Lee to Reed?

40) How could George of all people not know that Benedict Arnold was a traitor?

41) Why did they start Lee's court martial precisely on July 4th?

42) Why did the Crown attack Charleston precisely on April 5th which was the anniversary of Lee's release from prison?  Remember, the fleet had left port under Sealed Orders meaning the date was, well, carved in stone you might say.

43) Why, if George loved Lee so much that he threw him a parade and hugged him in public and sent several personal letters to him (which he did with no other Officer in the Army according to Fereling), did he originally give him only 1200 soldiers at the battle of Monmouth?

44) Why did he assign Lee to territory that had three ravines on it which was, basically, a death trap?

45) Why did Lafayette (not Lee) order a retreat and run right off the field?

46) Why did Lee insist on a Court Martial?

47) Why did the Captain of the Alliance have a personal vendetta against John Paul Jones and why did he shoot the Richard below the water line when we were, supposedly, allies?

48) Why were Washington's and Congress's tactics considered scarcely credible?  And if they could see it clearly then why is it that historians of today are blind to it?

49) Why didn't Howe fortify and entrench on Brewton's Hill at Savannah?  Remember this is a qualified Officer with prior Military experience.

50) Why did Saltonstall refuse to attack the Brits when they got to Penobscot and then run the entire fleet into the ground and fail to scuttle the ships which then fell to the Brits?

51) Why did Benjamin Rush believe that Horatio Gates was set up at Camden because of his victory at Saratoga?

52) Why did the Navy Captain refuse to attack the British Navy at a bottleneck during the siege of Charleston?

53) Why did the Commander in Chief refuse to give Lincoln advice on how to defend Charleston even though the Officer begged for it?

54) Why did Lincoln's Officers fail to post guards on the river?  Remember these are experienced Officers with a very important job to do.  They have a term for that and it's called dereliction of duty and sometimes earns you a court martial, prison term or a noose.

55) Why did Cornwallis refuse to help Clinton plan this siege?

56) Why did Arnold attack New London just before the siege of Yorktown?

57) Why did Cornwallis refuse orders from Clinton to come to his aid in New York but, instead, went and sat on his ass at Yorktown?  Here again is the sedition thing.

58) Why did both leading Generals in the conflict both choose a location named York to end the war at?


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