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Topic: 41) The Siege of Yorktown

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41) The Siege of Yorktown


The Siege of Yorktown


Assault on Redoubt 10 at York Town  source U. S. Army

The Siege of Yorktown was now gearing up but a few loose ends need to be tied up first.

Arnie decides to pillage the Plantations of the Founding Fathers in the Richmond area to try and bring em back in line, to no avail.

George responds by sicking Lafayette on him also to no avail.

Captain Phillip of the PMS Savage actually raids George's home at Mount Vermin and then, mysteriously kicks the bucket - ain't no mystery to me, hey.

Washington then heads up to French Headquarters with a plan for defeating Arnie (obsession is a bitch, ain't it George) which never materialized because, by now, everyone has finally got off the fence and chosen sides and everyone now knows that the big showdown is about to begin.

Everyone, from Congress to the French, to the Officers and the Troops think trying to retake New York is suicidal but Washington, "mesmerized," (Fereling, pg. 505) is adamant and doesn't budge on this point for the first half of the year (i.e. for six full months, hey).

Cornwallis, repeatedly, disobeys orders from Clinton and leaves Georgia and the Carolinas wide open and starts heading north.

Washington responds by sending Greene, who mops up the Southern Arena, as previously stated while Cornwallis continues up to Virginia.

Benedict Arnold, around this time, comes out with a bull**** public proclamation saying he had been sinned against, more than he had sinned and then his evil genius starts on a tirade against the Catholic Church which makes little sense in this English Protestant conflict but makes complete sense when you consider Lee's bombshell.

By mid-summer Cornwallis has chosen the spot where he will make his last stand, at Yorktown, so he entrenches and sits on his ass and waits even though his men (like Tarleton) beg him to do something which he ignores as he does Clinton's orders to send troops to New York.

Now, all of a sudden, George abandons his plans for New York and heads for the big showdown with Cornwallis at Yorktown.

Now, no historian, to the best of my knowledge, has ever pointed out the glaring incongruity of both leading Generals in the conflict both choosing a location named York for the final confrontation in the Revolutionary War and it is my contention that it can only be understood by Lee's bombshell which pitted the London Lodge against the York Lodge.

George now knows that Cornwallis - as the Representative of the Crown's London Lodge - is planning on surrendering to him - as the Representative of the York Lodge - under the guise of an overpowering textbook siege which is exactly what happened with the Frenchman Rochambeau closing the deal ("a matter of mathematics") which couldn't lose and Cornwallis surrendered October 19, 1781.

The Brits played, "The World turned upside down" which, in fact, it was, and many of the Officers who had started out the war as London Lodge Masons in America, then went on into York Rite Masonry (as did Washington) which now ruled the world - the rise of the American Empire had begun.

An attempt was made thirty-six years later, in the war of 1812, by the Crown, to re-acquire the scepter from America at the very time they finally succeeded in bringing the two Lodges together under the corrupt, and falsely so called, "Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite" in 1813 but it ended in failure cause nobody was on the fence then and they got their asses kicked.



Surrender of Lord Cornwallis by John Trumbull


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