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Topic: 40) William Washington

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40) William Washington


William Washington


William Washington by Rembrandt Peale

William Washington was actually George's Cousin and a Divinity Student and assuredly the genius behind the victory at Cowpens. It required a working knowledge of the proper coordination of artillery, cavalry, regular troops (Colonialists) and militia and it is doubtful Morgan was qualified for this European-style battle whereas Washington certainly was (leading the cavalry), having experience with this form of warfare at Long Island (where he had been wounded) and at Trenton (where he was also wounded while leading the charge to take the Hessian's artillery) and included the proper use of militia which (contrary to the Gibson movie) is how they were used at Cowpens (Fereling), hiding behind cover and mowing the Brits down but, of course, it would never do for people to know that the best planned and executed battle of the war was the work of a Divinity Student, not a Deist.

Heaven forbid...


The Battle of Cowpens by William Tylee Ranney

Be that as it may, he managed to roust up his own private miracle (pictured above) when, in a made for Hollywood finale (literally, the Patriot Again), he (not Gibson - just thought I'd point that out) met Tarleton in hand to hand combat (Fereling, pg. 486). Tarheels tried to lob his head off with a sword which William blocked with the broken hilt of his own so the Brit then pulls out his pistol and shoots at point-blank range and, somehow, missed.

We really can't fault William for letting the **** head escape since he was probably preoccupied basking in the glory of his own private little Epiphany. Divinity students are kinda funny that way. I know a little bit about this having almost been shot by accident at point blank range when I was about ten years old so I, for one, won't hold it against him. 20


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