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Topic: 39) Dan Morgan

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39) Dan Morgan


Dan Morgan


Daniel Morgan by Charles Willson Peale

Dan Morgan is credited by the establishment historians as being the Republics only Military Genius of the war (even though these same historians have repeatedly said the Militia was useless - what does that tell you?) and, thus, the man responsible for the victory at Cowpens.

Now, though Morgan was a formidable guerrilla tactician, having been taught by the best (i.e. the Red Man had taken guerrilla warfare and made it into an art form, perhaps, unrivaled in the annals of warfare), he was not the military genius they claim. Had he been a genius he never would have sent his men on a suicide mission at Fortress Quebec, nor would he have agreed to use flares to coordinate the attack, nor fallen for Burgoyne's feint at Freeman Farm designed to lure he and his men out into the open which it did.

Now, here's the kicker. The reason the established historians want you to think that he was a military genius is because Dan Morgan was famous for his ability to rally his men around him or regroup them after they had been scattered, as at Freeman Farm, by using his trademark Turkey Call. Get it? Like Franklin, the establishment thinks Americans are a bunch of turkeys.

If the victor writes the history books then what does that tell ya...


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