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Topic: 36) The Battle for West Point

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36) The Battle for West Point


The Battle of West Point


The Capture of Andre by Nathaniel Currier

The Battle of West Point was, of course, in the spooky world of espionage only but it could actually be seen to be the climax of Lee's bombshell and the practical turning point of the war.

Washington, at one of his meetings with Arnie, had told him (Axelrod, pg. 290) he wanted Arnie to be with him at the grand finale at New York that they were already planning (keep your friends close and your enemies closer), so George is testing the waters, you might say. Arnie turns him down and asks for West Point instead. So, George gives it to him but now tells his chief spook (Major Benjamin Tallmadge - head of Continental Army Intelligence hereafter referred to as Major Disaster!) to keep an eye on that little fokken19

Now, Arnie knows that George doesn't trust him anymore (darn it!), so he tells his chief spook (Lieutenant Colonel John Jameson Commandant of the Post hereafter referred to as Colonel Klink!) to keep a real close eye on George's chief spook which ain't too hard since they rub shoulders on a regular basis. George is, of course, hopelessly outclassed (Arnie's fellow Officers called him an "Evil Genius" which ought to tell everyone everything they need to know about him - Fereling, pg. 448). Now, Arnie starts the process of, not only giving away West Point to the Brits for the upcoming showdown at New York, but also of handing them the Commander in Chief himself (Fereling, pg. 449) who would, no doubt, have been summarily and publicly executed by the Crown at this stage in the war.

So, in other words, Arnie is getting desperate.

So, after his little pow-wow with his buddy Andre (in the sketch above), Arnie sends him on his way to sail off into destiny on the Vulture but that very morning his ship is attacked in port (Axelrod, pg. 292) leaving the courier stranded who runs back to Arnie who sends him on foot by a detour cause it's obvious that they're being watched (at least it's obvious to me).


Plan of the Forts, Batteries and Post of West Point 1789 by Pierre Didot

On the way the Paperboy gets bagged by Militia (who had, obviously, followed him the whole way) who take him to Major Disaster (who isn't in cause he is out frantically looking for this very courier) but gets Colonel Klink instead who sends the Paperboy back to Arnie with an Escort carrying a warning letter.

Then, Major Disaster gets back and sends a squad to re-arrest the Paperboy but, conveniently, the Escort is allowed to continue (meaning Colonel Klink failed to tell George's chief spook that he had sent the escort along with the Paperboy for some strange and unknown reason), so the Escort manages to arrive unmolested and gives the warning letter to Arnie who promptly hits the road.

George had actually just passed through heading west on a tour and Arnie had tried to get him captured then but George, probably intentionally, had only stayed the night so that the note was not delivered in time to capitalize on it. Now, George stops in again on his return trip and when he hears the news that Arnie had planned on personally delivering him to the Brits and had escaped he asks Knox, "whom can we trust now?" He tries to trade the Paperboy for Arnie and is turned down by the Brits so he promptly hangs him and boy, is he rip****.

Finally, we now know which side in the war George is on and, within one year the war will be over - what does that tell ya?

He sends his, by now, best Officer to kick Cornholius' ass (he being Nathaniel Greene whom Lee actually praised so now we are finally back on track) who does a pretty good job, with no giveaways anymore for the rest of the war - at least not on our side.

Arnie goes on to try and salvage the situation for the Crown by threatening the Founding Fathers by taking Jamestown and Richmond (where Jefferson actually was at the time who, wisely, simply retreated) and ended his part in the big drama, true to form, by jumping the gun at Yorktown and attacking New London (as opposed to New York - get it?) to try and interfere with George's plan and lure him out into the open, which fails so he takes off to Canada to play golf and take up acting.

His M.O. from start to finish was the same and Lee probably is the only one who figured it out, prompting him to drive a wedge between him and George. I say this because the Militia who caught the Paperboy lured him in by acting like Tories (John intentionally wore a Hessian Jager Jacket). Now, if this were George's Chief Spook's men, they would have looked like Officers or Colonialists in the Army. So, when we realize that Lee, after his trial, ended up in Phillie where Arnie was (before Arnie was sent to West Point) and when we realize these men (Isaac van Wart, David Williams and John Paulding) were acting outside the Military but had still managed to bag this Paperboy and almost bagged Arnie himself, then it is obvious that Lee ended his career in the military, as I stated earlier, by turning to espionage which would explain why everyone and his brother were taking a number and standing in line to kill Lee by challenging him to a duel - all except Arnie, of course.  So, Lee and his boys are assuredly the militiamen who bagged the Courier earning themselves the first military decoration of the United States of America.


Fidelity Medallion courtesy of Wikipedia

In a league of their own...


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