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Topic: 35) The Battle of Charleston

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35) The Battle of Charleston


The Battle of Charleston


Siege of Charleston by Alonzo Chappel

The Battle of Charleston was another give away with, precisely, the same M.O. as the rest. Lincoln didn't have the troops or supplies he needed from Congress, Washington or South Carolina. The Naval Captain Whippersnapper refused to help by attacking the Brits at a bottleneck (which Fereling called, "inexcusable"). Lincoln's 'inexperience' caused him to try and defend the city knowing his troops would be captured (and imprisoned in **** holes where many of them would die while any captured Officers, like Washington, could live it up under a pseudo house arrest with whores if they wanted to - all except General Lee who was treated as an enlisted). Washington himself refused to give Lincoln advice even though he begged him for it (ibid, pg. 424). The Officers defending the Cooper River failed to post guards or patrols so that the army was caught off guard and killed or captured.

Conveniently, however, the attack came precisely when most of the Officers had just mounted up so they escaped into the swamp and kept running till they got to North Carolina. All the beef supplying the army is now lost to the Brits. Mutinies now start breaking out in the army where the morale is now at its lowest point in the entire war and Prodigal George starts executing all of the deserters (Fereling, pg. 469).

Now, however, there are some peculiarities to this campaign as opposed to all the rest that appears to indicate that the bombshell dropped by Lee had finally made all the rounds and was beginning to have an effect all across the globe.

For instance, Clinton could not understand why Not-So-Germain insisted on this campaign and the reason is that this is where the plantations of the Founding Fathers were such as Washington himself and Jefferson. The Crown was telling them, in no uncertain terms, to throw the war or lose their livelihoods. When the Armada sailed out under sealed orders (literally - Fereling, pg. 409) Washington, for some strange and unknown reason, automatically assumed they were heading for his precious Mount Vermin (ibid, pg. 411) and he was having a crisis (of conscience no doubt), "perplexing beyond description" (ibid).

I'll just bet he was, hey.

In a "bizarre move," Cornwallis refused to help Clinton plan the battle (ibid, pg. 417) and the bombardment of Charles' Town began precisely on April 5th which is the anniversary of the day that Howe had set General Charles Lee free a year earlier.

I guess London got the message, hey.


Sir Banastre Tarleton The Butcher by Sir Joshua Reynolds

So, Cornholius has the Southern Theater pretty much to himself so he sicks Tarheels on everybody who does a repeat (for all practical purposes) of the Jane McCrae massacre leading the Rebels to start their yell and, basically, the entire area goes Postal with the Rebels against the Tories and Loyalists, etc., which, as with the Northern Arena, is the beginning of the end for the Brits in the Southern Arena.

I can almost guess that Cornwallis planned it that way.


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