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Topic: 34) The Battle of Camden

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34) The Battle of Camden


The Battle of Camden


Battle of Camden by Alonzo Chappel

The Battle of Camden Horatio Gates was set up due to his victory at Saratoga as Benjamin Rush himself figured out (Fereling, pg. 463). After being sidelined for three years and slandered by Lord Stupid, when George finally does put him back in the fight he gives him the most ill-equipped army of the entire war (Fereling). They were on half rations, they were half sick, they had no cavalry and artillery was virtually nonexistent.

Gates burned off a wish list of things they needed (which was everything including clothing, food and weapons) and then was criticized for not waiting around for them (well, gee, genius, why weren't they already there?), no doubt realizing, along with his men, that he had been sold out and that, the longer they waited, the less chance of success they'd have, so, with no colonialists present (what does that tell ya? That's Washington's responsibility, that's what it tells me), within two days of arrival he makes an attempt on the Depot at Camden which, no doubt, is exactly what they wanted him to do because, somehow, Cornholius was already there waiting for him and his men (who were even sicker now then they had been thanks to the good Doktors Congress had supplied who 'treated' the men on the road to the depot).

At the battle some of George's buddies followed the standard operating procedure (of Arnie) for throwing a battle by jumping the gun thus sowing confusion in the ranks and then immediately ordering a retreat thus (self) routing the army all of which, of course, got blamed on Gates as they had tried to do at Monmouth with Lee. About the only thing different Gates could have tried was sacking the Loyalists in the area for supplies instead of trying to take the depot but that would have still earned him a Court Martial.

It is not insignificant that they got rid of Gates at this time and serves to emphasize what their plans were (after all, they could have set Gates up anytime over the last three years but didn't) and that is the big West Point Give Away they're planning. Since Gates, the Hero of Saratoga, is the expert in the Northern Arena, they had to get rid of him so that he could not tip people off if he figured it out. He knew Arnie was a traitor and he knew Arnie had now begun rubbing shoulders in Phillie with Torries and Loyalists (it was actually common knowledge) and he knew Washington had personally given West Point to Arnie so, it wouldn't take a rocket scientist to put those pieces together so Gates had to be publicly discredited in a big way if not outright murdered.

After this, George goes to see his buddy Arnie in West Point and that's when the story gets real interesting.


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