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Topic: 33) Penobscot Bay

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33) Penobscot Bay


Penobscot Bay


The Penobscot Expedition by Dominic Serres

Penobscot Bay was another give away. The Brits landed a force there trying to retake the Northern Arena (in preparation for the big West Point Fire Sale) and Massachusetts and Live Free or Die Harder New Hampshire decided to put a stop to it and managed to put a fleet of ships together with Militia but then had a brain cramp and decided to let Congress know what they were up to who, characteristically, sent a traitor along to put in charge called Saltonstall who lived up to his name when we got there for, instead of promptly attacking the enemy (the whole point of being there, hey), he sits on his ass stalling until more British Ships show up so he can turn tail and run all the ships right into the ground and leave em all for the Brits instead of scuttling them (contrary to what some of the established histories tell ya), thus throwing the battle and bankrupting Massachusetts to boot which, far as I can tell, is still bankrupt to this day.

Similarly, the Economic Depression that hit at this very time was no accident but planned by the traitors in Congress who abandoned, "prudent economic measures" in order to bankrupt the country and, thus, throw the war (the history books won't tell ya that either cause they expect ya to figure it out for yourself, apparently). It backfired on them, however, because it forced already bankrupt Taxachusetts to start taxing all the Torries by confiscating their property (as Lee had suggested) having, no doubt, finally figured out that something was rotten in Denmark, or, at least, in Congress. The rest of the Colonies followed suit.

Washington could have done this from the beginning and still refused to do so even as he watched his own troops get their limbs cut off from frostbite and gangrene because he was worried some people would raise a stink about it. Yeah, George, no ****. The traitors like you will raise a stink in hell you ******* - then you'll be a flaming *******.


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