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Topic: 32) The Battle of Savannah

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32) The Battle of Savannah


The Battle of Savannah


The Attack on Savannah by A.I. Keller

The Battle of Savannah was a (dead) give away. Because (British) Ass Howe #1 had managed to lose Saratoga, the Crown had (American) Ass Howe #2 lose Savannah - that's the way corrupt 33* London Lodge Esoteric Semantics work. Being a total screw up (i.e. traitor probably), he had been **** canned in September but, for some strange and inexplicable reason, was still hanging around in December. 

He failed to fortify the Fort and had an inadequate amount of troops which led one politician to exclaim that Washington's and Congress's tactics were, "scarcely credible" (Fereling, pg. 386). He failed to arm and entrench on the high ground of Brewton's Hill which is standard operating procedure and which would have defeated the Brits had he done so (said the victorious Brits afterwards) and, instead, set up right in front of a swamp which, conveniently, had a secret path circumventing it which a slave girl, conveniently, led the Brits to, bringing em right up on Ass Howe's 'flanks.'

 Washington claimed this was an insignificant loss which is an outright lie because it was, virtually, the Army's breadbasket which was now taken away from them and given to the Brits which is the exact reason it was chosen at this time in the first place.


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