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Topic: 29) A Place called Valley Forge

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29) A Place called Valley Forge


A Place called Valley Forge


The March to Valley Forge by Felix O. C. Darley 

A Place called Valley Forge cost the lives of over 1200 men and the limbs of scores of the survivors due to frostbite, as well as decimating 70% of the horses of the Cavalry while the Officers, including Washington, were living "high off the hog" and the civilians at Phillie were treating Howe and his men to an exceedingly good time.

Yeah, America - we see your true colors now and so did all those troops who, though they were living, "within a cornucopia of provisions" (Fereling, pg. 275) were still allowed to die or catch frostbite by Washington, Congress and the American Public who didn't give a **** about the troops as long as the Brits kept shelling out a few Sterling for their goods and services so they could buy their slice of the American Pie.

These men, who the year before had all gone home for the winter, this year, to a man (so Fereling) decided they would rather brave the elements and die together, then retreat to the comfort of their homes and families realizing, as few do, that the majority, if not entirety, of the American Public and their friends and even families, were a fickle lot at best and outright traitors at worst. 18

This Republic is not worthy of their sacrifices and I suspect that many of our Afghan and Iraqi Veterans probably feel pretty much the same as these troops at Valley Forge did.

I know I do.


Valley Forge by Alonzo Chappel

There are a few more occurrences at Valley Forge that didn't make the history books but look like **** when they're pointed out to you. The most noticeable (so Fereling who thought it might be of interest) is that the traitor Arnie pays Washington a visit.

To spell it out for you - now that Gates knows Arnie was a traitor from the get-go and because they'd just lost Saratoga, Arnie has to go talk to George cause things are getting a little out of hand. So, the first thing they do is decide to sideline Gates for three years (just like they tried to do with John Paul Jones).

Then, they start making plans to take back the Northern Arena and decide on two courses of action. They give West Point to Arnie so that he can, in turn, give it to the Brits and then they decide to enlist the Iroquois to their cause so Washington goes on the slash and burn Iroquois Campaign in the area to piss them off at the Republic and drive em into the arms of the Brits. This is probably when they revived the plan for the Bayley Hazen Military Road which Congress had originally ditched (cause it would be great for large troop movements of Brits into this country from Canada - get it?).

One more interesting point about Arnie's visit which, by now, I had been expecting to find and wasn't disappointed when Fereling pointed it out and that is that George's little French Man buddy Lafayette is allowed to take a vacation in the middle of the war and go running home to see mommy and daddy in France which Fereling says was a "mystery" (pg. 350) but it was no mystery to me as we will see when we get to the Battle with the Serapis.


Baron von Steuben drilling Troops at Valley Forge by E. A. Abbey

The other point of interest, as already mentioned, was that Washington, against the advice of everyone in the entire Republic at the time, decides to hire a Hessian by the name of Baron Von Stupid to train his men in European style War Fare (so that more of em can get mowed down at a time by the Brits so he can throw the war sooner and get back to Mount Vermin) which caused his personal assistant Joseph Reed to beg Lee to go to Congress cause he questioned the ability of Washington as a Leader as did most of the troops at this time who all demanded the resignation of Washington and placement of Lee in charge of the Army and Washington actually opened up the personal letter that Lee sent back to Reed (McCullough, pg. 254) which should tell you more than you want to know about the Commode in Chief.


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