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Topic: 28) The Militia

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28) The Militia


The Militia


First Muster Spring 1637 Massachusetts Bay Colony by Don Troiani

The Militia were maligned by all the Founding Fathers and the Historians (until recently - one of the benefits of revisionism) but in a war of attrition, as Lee pointed out, guerrilla hit and run tactics are irreplaceable and these men were without peer in the history of warfare other than by the Red Man who taught them.

It was the Militia who took Fort Ti and held Bennington. It was the Militia who devastated the British raiders and foragers and it was the Militia who covered our asses each and every time we retreated and slowed the enemy down during every one of their advances such at New Jersey and again at Trenton and here in their northern campaign. In the opening moves of the revolutionary war it was the Militia who shined and carried the day which is more significant than even the revisionists realize when we consider that, at first, many of the Officers were actually trying to throw the war.

By this time, the War of Attrition was beginning to take its toll (called a "post-war using Fabian Tactics"), as Lee knew it would and it was the Militia who made it possible (Morgan, Stark and Warner) and which immensely improved morale and recruitment.

By this time, as well, (1777) all the troops have battlefield experience so that, now, the sides are about even and the Brits no longer have superiority in any given area.


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