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Topic: 27) The Battle of Saratoga

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27) The Battle of Saratoga


The Battle of Saratoga


Surrender of Burgoyne at Saratoga by Louis Francois Sebastien Fauvel

The Battle of Saratoga is probably the most misunderstood battle of the revolution and, arguably, of history. Nothing is as it seems. Gates is trying to win and Bungholeon is now actively trying to lose which is why he, here, overextends himself knowing it will end in defeat. Benedickhead Arnie shows up knowing this and tries to throw the war while trying to look like a hero which he certainly was not.

The historians (save Fereling) say that Gates - a professional Officer from the British Army second only to General Charles Lee - did not know what he was doing and that Arnie - a shipping merchant - saved the day. Nothing could be further from the truth and most of these histories ought to be **** canned.


Horatio Gates by Gilbert Stuart

Gates knew exactly what he was doing. He had numerical superiority thanks to the victory of the Militia at Bennington and he had superiority in artillery. He picked the location for the battle. He picked the high ground and entrenched and all that he had to do was to sit and wait (while his troops rested) and Burgoyne would be forced to come and engage him and fight (while his troops were exhausted).

This is textbook tactics right here and, for all those historians out there who don't know **** about strategy, this is exactly how Wellington kicked Napoleon's ass at Waterloo even though Napoleon  had artillery superiority.

Gates could not lose and he and Burgoyne both knew it.

And, so did Arnie, and he doesn't like it cause he's trying to throw the war. He tried to discredit Gates but that didn't work so then he tried to pry him from his position by demanding he go attack Burgoyne's supply train which was blatantly ludicrous because Burgoyne didn't have any supplies and is why he made an attempt on Bennington Hill and, now, overextended himself here at Saratoga. This would have simply been a needless waste of lives and Gates knew it and so did Arnie.

"What happened next no one knows for sure" (Axelrod, pg. 224) so, I guess I'll have to tell ya since no one else will, and that is that Arnie jumps the gun and leads a charge out into the open at Freeman Farm (instead of hiding in the woods and picking the Brits off like sitting ducks) and gets them blasted by the Brits (just like at Quebec) so that the Militia scatters. Arnie then sees Reidesel approaching so he, conveniently, takes this opportunity to go bitch at Gates for not coming to help him which tells you exactly what he was trying to do - lure Gates out so he can get slaughtered by the Brits.

Gates knew this and knew what Arnie was trying to do so he promptly **** cans Arnie and tells him to get the **** out and Arnie starts bitching that he's "gonna tell George on you, Gates."  So, he goes and gets drunk (cause he knows that Gates now knows that he's a traitor) and shows up for the fight anyways, takes command of his boys and attacks the Brits at a section that was already retreating, shoots himself in the leg again and now he's a big hee-roh.


Surrender of General Burgoyne by John Trumbull

Gates then hears that Clinton is on the way so he forces the surrender of Burgoyne which is the first major defeat for the Brits.


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