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Topic: 26) The Fall of Philadelphia

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26) The Fall of Philadelphia


The Fall of Philadelphia


A Ball at General Howe's Headquarters by Jean Leon Gerome Ferris

The Fall of Philadelphia was actually Howe throwing the war. When Lee got arrested he suggested this to Howe (which Fereling correctly states was no help to the Brits - in fact, just the opposite - so Lee was not turning traitor as most historians suggest, but he was setting the Brits up for the fall), who implemented this plan and took the White Elephant called Philadelphia which turned out to be a quagmire (which Lee knew it was going to be - just like Boston had been for the Brits - whoever owns the town has to guard it and its citizens and provision it and them) and, instead of helping Burgoyne up in Saratoga as he had been ordered to do, he got bogged down trying to clear the Colonialists out of the area around Phillie which cost him more than it was worth so that the Crown actually relieved him of his duties the next spring as he knew they would.

He also avoided, like the plague, making war with Washington's nearly decimated army all winter long only spitting distance away (this is very telling, isn't it), when an easy victory would have been conclusive and, for all practical purposes, was all but guarantied, all of which left Fereling perplexed as to Howe's ineptitude as a military leader, but makes perfect sense when you realize that he is actually trying to throw the war.


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