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Topic: 24) The Battle of Bennington

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24) The Battle of Bennington


The Battle of Bennington


General Stark at Bennington by  J. R. Chapin

The Battle of Bennington was the turning point of the war in the northern arena (Fereling) and was an attempt by Burgoyne to sack the Garrison for provisions (showing the effectiveness of John Paul Jones' campaign) so he set Baum to the task but he was lacking horsepower (I hate it when that happens) so he sends some Indians out raiding who ended up massacring Jane McRae which pissed off everyone in the area including the Tories and Loyalists, cause she was engaged to one, and this one event possibly cost the Crown the entire war. The Brits, being cheap bastards, tried to haggle over the price of the horses so the savages promptly hamstrung em all - double or nothing you might say.

Meanwhile, John Stark is raving mad and he and his boys are out looking for some payback when they run right into the Baum and commence doing the retreat thing and the Baum was about to give chase when the Mother of all Thunderstorms comes rolling in and scared the living **** out of him to the point he decides he doesn't really feel like chasing the militia who then are able to team up with Warren and his boys - the storm lasting all day - and fortify Bennington and get entrenched and subsequently kick the Baum outta town in some of the fiercest fighting of the war (Axelrut). 17

The successful defense of Bennington, thanks to that Thunderstorm, ended the plans the Brits had for an invasion from Canada (at that time) and was the beginning of the end for Bungholeon (Fereling - only he misspelled his name). It also put the fear of God into the Soldier boys in the British Army who, apparently, up to that time, had fought against city slickers only, from places like Boston. This was the first time that they had seen the raw faces of Frontier Militia Men who were used to fighting for their lives against the Native Americans.

This is assuredly what Charles Lee had realized about the Militia that the Founding Fathers were completely unaware of - he being married at one time to a Mohawk squaw and had earned the name Boiling Water from these very 'savages' which tells me a whole lot more about General Charles Lee than all the history books in my Bibliography many of the authors of which discredit this man from the safety and comfort of their living rooms while they sit on their fat lazy couch potato asses watching the latest installment of American idol with a Liberty that he paid more for than they ever will.


The death of Jane McCrae by John Vanderlyn

The victory at Bennington, along with the death of Jane McCrae, was a huge boost to recruitment for our army, so much so that, at the battle of Saratoga, we actually had the numerical superiority which Gates made full use of and directly led to our victory there.


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