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Topic: 23) The Battle of Princeton

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23) The Battle of Princeton


The Battle of Princeton


The Second Battle of Trenton by George A. Bradshaw

The Battle of Princeton, or Trenton II the Sequel, suggested by Washington's personal assistant Joseph Reed (McCullough, pg. 271) as an attempt at that Nest Egg which they now sorely needed, turned into the "Singular Crises" of the revolution because that is exactly what it was planned to be by Washington. He recrossed the Delaware right into the death trap he had just fled from days earlier and Cornwallis leaves Princeton to go sack George but a thaw set in that turned the roads into a muddy quagmire and it took them all day to get to Trenton and, by the time they got there, the Assunpink Creek is a raging "unfordable" river (Fisher, pg. 301) which is the only thing that saved the Army who was able to keep the entire British Army from crossing the narrow Bridge (pictured above).

That face off across that bridge was the singular crises and, except for that thaw, would have been the end of the revolution. On behalf of his troops, Washington is forced to retreat and sack Princeton and their trip north is aided by yet another brutal nor'easter that turns the muddy quagmire into solid "pavement" within a few hours (Fisher, pg. 301 - I'd like to see a Deist explain that one - Washington couldn't) so that it becomes reprehensible that they didn't get the cache north of Trenton which was left, virtually, unguarded and which was the, supposed, main purpose of this second attempt on Trenton but, instead, Washington retreats to winter quarters as does Cornwallis.


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