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Topic: 19) The Bombshell

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19) The Bombshell


The Bombshell


Jacques de Moley by Unknown Artist


The Bombshell Lee knows his days as a General in the army are numbered. He knows Washington (as a London Lodge Mason - Hagger, pg. 106) is trying to throw the war and he knows that Washington knows that Lee knows this. So, Lee concludes that he can best serve the country and the cause of Liberty by turning to espionage (The Art of War, Sun Tzu, Chap. 13, On the use of Spies, Griffith Translation). In what, absolutely, has got to be the greatest work of art in the history of espionage, General Charles Lee managed to get himself arrested on Friday the 13th (Kelly & Smyer, pg. 169). This ill-omened day got its bad reputation from the arrest of Jack Demoley, Grandmaster of the Templars on that day ("all warfare is based upon deception"). By getting himself arrested on that very day, it made it look like the London Lodge had just declared war on the York Lodge and served to polarize everyone into one of two camps and now we begin to see the entire war start turning around.

The more I thought about this the more beautiful it became. This must have totally screwed with George's head and now he doesn't know whose ass to kiss anymore. Reminds me of the Ferryman in the Outlaw Josey Wales who would sing Yankee Doodle on one side of the river and Ole Dixie on the other. This probably even had his buddy Arnie wondering what the hell was going on until he heard back from London (being the Crown's Handler for George). He might just as well have dropped an Atom Bomb on London for the effect it had.

All the York Mason's on the British side now begin trying to throw the war while making it look like they are trying to win and all the York Mason's on America's side now actively try and win the war and thus, this one move by Lee totally leveled the playing field right across the board and now it's a whole new ball game.

Subsequently, the Crown accused Ass Howe, Bungholeon and Cornholius of throwing the war (Hagger, pg. 151) which they did as the first ones off the fence. George himself stayed on the fence right up to the end of the war but its Almost a Miracle he didn't have a nervous breakdown and, in fact, both he and the Brit Clinton were seen breaking down in tears in public around this time.

Lee's Horse, on the other hand, made out like a Bandit cause the Brits were so excited about the capture that they promptly went out and got his horse **** faced drunk - I kid you knought!


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