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Topic: 16) Henry Knox

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16) Henry Knox


Henry Knox


Henry Knox by Gilbert Stuart

Henry Knox was the boy in charge of toys - artillery - and he is the genius who conceived the "improbable" (McCullough) plan of moving 16 tons of guns from Fort Ti in the dark and the dead of a New England winter over a couple hundred miles to bring them to the aid of Boston which actually worked and completely changed  the entire theater of the war.

His plan, however, was contingent upon one very crucial element which was still lacking and that was snow, believe it or not. In fact, a thaw had actually set in and melted the light dusting that had been on the ground. Undeterred, he relocated the guns to the end of the lake in preparation for the big move and three days later, starting precisely on Christmas, he got exactly what he needed with a storm that dumped three feet of snow on the ground allowing him to complete his audacious plans, against all odds, and deliver the guns to Navarone, er, Boston.


Hauling guns by Ox Team from Fort Ticonderoga for the siege of Boston by an Unknown Artist

Unfortunately, the victory at Fort Ticonderoga ended in defeat because the genius Congress put in charge - General Shyster - was another one of Arnie's buddies (Fereling, pg. 238) and had a stinking year to think it over but decided not to fortify this strategic acreage and the Brits just waltzed right back in and took it back.

The Germans couldn't believe that when we abandoned the fort that we left everything virtually intact and this is the Modus Operandi of the traitors in this country who were trying to lose the war but make it look like they were trying to win. We will see it several mores times before the war is over.

The Fort, and all its provisions, now fall into the hands of the Brits, lock, stock and barrel.


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