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Topic: 14) Ethan Allen

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14) Ethan Allen


Ethan Allen & the Green Mountain Boys


The Green Mountain Boys in Council by Benson John Lossing

Ethan Allen and the Green Mountain Boys decided it would be great fun to take Fort Ticonderoga, not because they were interested in helping us win the war, per se, but because they were engaged in carving out an empire for themselves in the no man's land between New York and New Hampshire now called Vermont in their honor. 11

This would turn out to be the first real victory in the war but it was actually a study in how not to win a war. They were so excited about the prospect that they all promptly went out and got ****faced and were barely able to roust up two boats for the big mission. Such was the ineptitude on both sides that no one had kept their powder dry against the morning drizzle so that the one shot that was subsequently fired was a misfire that saved Allen's ungrateful ass (Randall - that was not a direct quote).

Gage had warned the Fort a month prior which should have cost us the crucial element of surprise but they still managed to catch the guard asleep at his post.


The capture of Fort Ticonderoga by John Steeple Davis

Allen, who apparently thought (being a Deist) he had taken the Fort with his commanding presence alone, subsequently went out and got captured and thrown in a British Brig basically, for the rest of the war, where there's never a boast or brag.


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