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Topic: 13) The Battle of Bunker Hill

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13) The Battle of Bunker Hill


The Battle of Bunker Hill


The Battle of Bunker Hill by John Trumbull

The Battle of Bunker Hill is more of an embarrassment to this nation than any great victory, as some historians would have it, being nothing more than a glorified duck hunt. The bright boy in charge of logistics for the Brits sent the wrong size canon balls to the big shindig (Fereling, pg. 56) and without any artillery support, the Officer in charge promptly sent his men in waves into a meat grinder. The first two rushes were mowed down like wheat under a scythe by the Colonialists with the third wave, literally, begging not to be sent but the Ass Howe sent them anyways and the only reason they broke through the entrenchments was simply because we ran out of ammo and retreated. Had the Brits had their artillery support it is doubtful we would have been so victorious or they so devastated.

The historians will tell you that it showed us we could beat the British Regulars which was a false sense of superiority as the rest of the year (and war) prove. In this regard, we were no better than the arrogant Brits themselves. What it did accomplish (Fereling) was to motivate the Brits to change their tactics which took us the rest of the war to figure out.

Had I been at Bunker Hill I don't reckon I'd be bragging about it.


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