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Topic: 12) A Standing Miracle

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12) A Standing Miracle


A standing miracle


Washington passing the Delaware engraving by George S. Lang

A Standing Miracle In the first battle he got himself and the entire continental army completely surrounded on Long Island and in danger of being decimated by the Brits and (other than General Lee) the only thing that saved them was an abnormally thick fog that enveloped the entire island allowing he and 9,000 of his troops to escape (McCullough, pg. 191).

The Brits, for once, actually tried to cut off the only avenue of retreat but a rainstorm that lasted most of the week prevented their ships from moving (Morris, pg. 2). After the rain stopped, the fog bank moved in.


The British Troops landing at Kip's Bay 1776 by Robert Clevely

In what has got to be the most inexplicable mystery of the war, a loyalist lady who lived near the ferry saw the Escape from New York (the event, not the movie) in progress so she sent one of her Fart Catchers to go fetch the Brits and this genius somehow managed to walk into their camp like he owned the place without being stopped and questioned by any sentry and continued right on past an entire army including all its officers without anyone wondering what the hell a civilian was doing strolling around camp during the middle of a war and then he managed to waltz right up to the Hessian General in charge (any basic trainee could have told him that was a big mistake) who didn't speak a lick of English and who promptly arrested the servant and threw him in jail without letting him tell a single soul about the retreat allowing Washington and his army to escape (Morris, pg. 2). 10

Other miraculous escapes due to weather related phenomenon were recorded throughout the rest of the war (Marshal & Manuel) as we will see which is, no doubt, a kick in the Twiddle Diddles to all the Deist Founding Fathers.

Breaks my heart, hey.


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