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Topic: 9) The Father of the Country

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9) The Father of the Country


The Father of the Country


General George Washington resigning his commission by John Trumball


The Father of the Country In what has got to be the greatest paradox of the war the very "embodiment of the revolution" was against Colonial separation from England (Morris, pg. 212). Historians will tell you he changed his mind after war broke out but his actions scream otherwise, as we will see.

He, supposedly, was chosen as Commander in Chief for recruitment purposes because, say some historians, he had made a name for himself when he started off the French Indian Wars by standing idly by in Jumonville Glen while his Native American troops went postal on some French prisoners, however, this is pure horse**** because Congress went on a two month publicity campaign rampage in order to give him a name and get him elected.

Other historians say that John Adam's was Kingmaker (more horse**** cause Adams weren't all that popular with Congress and promptly got shipped to France when we lost Phillie) who made George Commander in Chief cause they needed the Virginians' assistance which is extremely doubtful being that George already had a reputation for losing every battle he'd ever been in and I doubt the Virginians were content with the choice.  It would be like Vermonters bragging up Howard Dean (who painted the Green Mountains Pink) for Commander in Chief. 8


Death of Jumonville by Unknown Artist

All this is nothing more than the Establishment trying to cover their arses cause, as with today, the only reason George was made Commander in Chief was because he was the best ass kisser in the Colonies at the time and, while he was kissing the Crown's ass, most of Congress was kissing his (Fereling, pg. 318 - Congress didn't dare oppose the Commander in Chief), pure and simple.  Nothing has changed in over 200 years and this is why, after he won his first election (according to the I-man the next day live on the air) George Dubya called himself the Grand Whore.


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