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Topic: 8) The Midnight Ride

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8) The Midnight Ride


The Midnight Ride


The midnight ride of Paul Revere by A. L. Ripley

The Midnight Ride of Paul the Queer probably cost this country more than it was worth. He managed to get himself caught halfway to Concord cause he stopped to shoot the **** with Adams and Han**** at Lexington with no plans of going any further till Warren kicked him in the ass and told him to go warn Concord of the Beatles Invasion, er, I mean the British Invasion. 

Anyways, he promptly spilled his Boston Baked Batman Beans to the Brits concerning the Country's not-so-secret-anymore plans - so much so that they actually let him go.  Warren's warning, however, still got through as Samuel Prescott met up with Revere and Dawes as they left Lexington and was able to deliver the message in their place when they (not-so-conveniently) fell out by the wayside.

As to who fired the first shot, it is obvious it was one of the Militia (just after they had been ordered to disband by Warren) and he is the only one that hit his intended target, for, exactly one Brit was injured which unleashed the British Salvo which devastated and scattered the Militia who were already on their way into the thicket anyways which has subsequently been confirmed by Lieutenant Colonel Smith's report to General Gage.


The Struggle on Concord Bridge W. J. Edwards original painting by Alonzo Chappel

At Concord, the Brit couldn't understand where all the Militia came from but if the bonfire of the vanities (i.e. Militia Munitions) had not gotten out of hand, the Militia would never have attacked as they did.

Thus, it appears to me that, at this time, both parties had agreed to really get serious about this revolution thing and go ahead and officially start off the festivities (after their first two failed attempts).  So, when the soldier boys on both sides wanted to avoid a confrontation, someone kicked it off instead with that lone shot and then, again, at Concord they went a little overboard on the fireworks and suggested to the Militia that the whole town was being razed thus causing the Militia to go ballistic on the Brits and the rest is, as they say, piss poor history.

Hence, the choice of Concord as the location to start off the big Civil War which is an Agreement between two or more parties.  This conclusion is not only my own but is echoed by others, such as James Perloff (The Secrets buried at Lexington Green), a lifetime resident of the local area, who tags Revere himself as one of the protagonists who fired the first shot from the (still standing) Buckman's Tavern.

Be that as it may, Revere would eventually go on to lead a successful retreat from Penobscot losing an artillery division and an infantry division but somehow managing to save, "all his personal baggage" and earning himself the nickname of coward after the war and, almost, a court martial.

But (Dangerfield, Back to School appropriately enough), at least, he helped me straighten out my Longfellow.


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