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Topic: 7) The Boston Tea Party

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7) The Boston Tea Party


The Boston Tea Party


The destruction of Tea at Boston Harbor by Nathaniel Currier

The Boston Tea Party was their response and they were so proud of themselves that they decided to celebrate (Davis) with a Boston Rum Party first (which, for some reason, never made the history books) so that they all showed up at the docks sloshed where most of em hurled more cookies overboard then they did tea. 6

The Redcoats, not to be outdone, responded a year later with a Boston Egg Party assassination attempt on Han****, Adams and the rabble-rouser Warren with the toss of an egg being the signal of execution at the 5th Annual Boston Massacre Memorial Service in the, very crowded, old South Meeting Hall. 

But, instead of yelling "shoot" someone yelled "fire" which had the predictable effect of launching a stampede for the exits (colonial buildings, and especially theaters, being notorious death traps from fire - Fryxell). 7 

So the British attempt to introduce the game of squash to the revolutionaries ended up with egg on its face but managed to spawn the much touted military axiom, "Don't shoot until you see the whites of their eggs" which we used to such devastating effect at Breed's Hill.

Seriously, though, you just can't make this **** up.


The Great Fire of New York 1776 by Franz Xaver Habermann


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