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Topic: 6) The Founding Fathers

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6) The Founding Fathers


The Founding Fathers


Declaration of Independence by John Trumbell

The Founding Fathers didn't take an interest in the revolution at this time but would wait almost five years before exerting an influence on the crowds at the docks after the Crown slapped their wrists for skimming. The real cause of the revolution (Davis, pg. 208) was because these Founding Fathers,  with their own fleet of ships (like Adams), were getting rich hand-over-fist smuggling tea on the Black Market causing a seven year glut in the British Tea so London cut their prices below the Black Market level and hit the Floundering Fathers right where it hurt the most - right in their Queer Bung - and that is when they decided to stir up the witless crowds at the docks against the Monarchy in the land of the free and home of the brave. 5


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