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Topic: 4) The Bloody Brits

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4) The Bloody Brits


The Bloody Brits


Launching at Deptford by John Clevely the Elder

The Bloody Brits had the superiority on sea and land, logistics and tactics whereas up to 75% of the colonial population could give a rat's ass about the war and didn't take an active part in the conflict in any way with the majority of the Founding Fathers in Congress more interested in weaseling their way into a prominent (lucrative) position in the impromptu government (such as it was) than in seeing the needs of the soldiers met who were, subsequently, the most poorly equipped army in the history of warfare (in my opinion) with the troops leaving their bloody footprints on the snows of Valley Forge and half starved to death because the farmers were selling their food to the Brits (Morris, pg. 144) who paid top Sterling for those amber waves of grain.

This is indefensible and our second indication that many of the Founding Fathers were actually trying to throw the war. Fereling tries to downplay the atrocious living conditions of the army by claiming the roads were too muddy to transport food which is blatantly ridiculous because no civilians were starving to death and the Officers themselves were living "high off the hog" all winter as he himself states. No civilians or Officers had their legs amputated during these "mild" winters because they didn't have proper clothing. Maybe we ought to amputate the limbs of some of these Establishment Historians and see how  they like it and see if they sing a different patriotic tune. These "deplorable" (General Charles Lee) conditions could have easily been avoided if the country had listened to General Lee, as we will see below, who was the uncontested Military Expert in the Country at the time.


Virtual Representation 1775 by an Unknown Artist


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