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Topic: Micronova found in 5000 Year old Star Chart in India!

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Micronova found in 5000 Year old Star Chart in India!


Below is a response I made to a thread back in 2013 on the Graham Han**** forum and it gives a good summary of the Micronova and the in the first reply on this thread will be the info on the new star chart just found and some of my comments on that.

Author: Theoferrum 

Date: December 04, 2013 09:40PM

> Hello theoferrum

Hello TBird

> Deans familiar with my posting history on Electric Universe and
> Velikovsky theme - Celestial causality driver/....Ages in
> Chaos.

I'm a little rusty but, if memory serves, that is the book that explaned the origins of the solar system via Venus catastrophicism?

> The mainstream science version for our Solar system formation
> is wrong.

Clearly, and intentionally, I might add.

> Its Dynamic [Movement].....the configuration as present for
> planets and AU distance sets ...was different in history past.

Here is where I disagree with Velikovsky - let me quote Wiki real quick :

"The causes of these natural catastrophes were close encounters between the Earth and other bodies within the solar system — not least what are now the planets Saturn, Jupiter, Venus, and Mars, these bodies having moved upon different orbits within human memory."


What Velikovsky didn't realize is that, it was not the orbits of these planets that had changed but their 'apparent' position on the elciptic as recorded by the Mythologies (this is also, to a certain extent, what Santillana was seeing in the Mythologies). When the earth was kicked off its 0* Axis it made it look like the planets had gone haywire - you can compare the two Ecliptics in the photo below.


Osborn and Creighton in the Giza Prophecy have proven that this Pole Shift off the original postion of 0*s occured in mankind's recorded history. This radical change in the apparent postion of the planets resulted in various mythological accounts of the war of the gods. It was the result of the first pass of the rogue Planet X Dwarf Star (The Destroyer to the Egyptians, Abaddon in Hebrew, Perseus to the Greeks, etc).

It's moon slammed into Tiamet (Rahab to the Hebrews, Typhon to the Greeks, etc) directly on a Uranium deposit resulting in a thermonuclear explosion (what I have deemed a micronova) that devasted the entire solar sytem. This is what kicked most of the planets off their axises and, literally, blew Mercury in closer to the sun on a part of its orbit which you can actually see to this day.

Its radioactive fallout and concussion wave are recorded in the Sumerian and Indian myths and it permeated the top 8 miles of the moons surface with radioactivity as well as leaving Strewn Fields of Tektites on the moon and the earth. This is probably the Vela Nova recorded in the Once and Future Star and is assuredly the subject of the Star Chart that was recently found in the Great Pyramid behind Gantenbrink's Door.


> Venus as recent capture is the last big scale event.

Bode's Law pretty much proves that all the Planets were here for the early stage of Solar System formation and in their current locations (more or less). What people are seeing is what Sitchin pointed out and that is that there used to be a 'planet' (actually Dwarf star) between Saturn and Uranus. Dwarf Stars are characteristically unstable in their orbits and this one decayed and was pulled into the inner solar system resulting in all the catastophicism seen throughout the system.

> the mythology of Mars and Pallas Athene in battle,
> is reasonbly EDM discharge machining from orbital divergence.

Take a look at the Norse on this especially their use of the 'wolf' in their mythologies - these are the comets, asteroids and meteorites (impactors) that devastated the entire solar system when Planet X destroyed Tiamat. For instance, a EDM discharge wouldn't have caused that scar on Mars but an impactor would which the Norse say was Tyr getting his arm bit off by a Wolf. Jupiter, before the Romans integrated their Mythology with the Norse, was actually referring to Odin thus the Spot on Jupiter was, originally, Odin's Eyepatch (from a massive impactor) and, later, it was assigned to Thor which makes it one of the holes in the boat where he put his foot through the bottom of the boat in the battle with the hydra.

> Mars ended up a murder victim....its dipole core turned off,
> with remnant planetary magnetic field seared into the crustal
> layers in chaotic patterns [the death moment of Mars]
> she would lose her atmosphere and what ever fluidic/water was
> present at the end.

To this I agree - its described by the Greeks as a battle between Mars and Hercules - but from impactors.

> The debate of Brown Dwarfs or other stars in near proximity to
> this star system is ?

That's the subject of my video. A Dwarf Star originally located between Saturn and Uranus (which Sitchin mislabled as Pluto - see photo below) affects several laws of Physics concerning early Solar System formation - Bodes Law, Missing Mass, Migration of Elements, Kuiper Belt Perturber, etc.


> we also have the Sagittarius Dwarf Galaxy lancing thru our
> quadrant of the milky way [images for this incursion on
> google]

Too far away, in my opinion. The Binary Ressearch Institute has theorized that we are in a binary orbit with Sirius - Robert Temple could have a field day with this one - because in history it used to be Red Shifted (meaning it was moving away from us) but now is Blue Shifting (indicating it is now approaching us).

> Saturn theory considers the possibility Saturn had planets and
> was captured into this star system with the planets being
> released to divergent orbit and capture.

Again, Bode's Law can be shown to prove that all the Planets currently in orbit around the Earth were here during formation. Two planets are missing. One that was destroyed and is now the asteroid belt and the other went rogue.

> the electrical stress may have caused flaring by our
> Sun.....and stressed Saturn and Jupiter,
> its viewed that Venus was an explusion event from Jupiter as it
> compensated for built up electrical stress.

Problem is that the entire solar system shows catastrophicism - except Venus which is still pristine (exactly as the mythologies present her) which astronomers explain away as some type of 'resurfacing' event for Venus (which they deny for half of Mercury) but which is much more easily explained by the fact that Venus was on the other side of the sun and protected when the debris from the destroyed planet Tiamet blasted throughout the solar system.

> Robert Schoch considers it possible our Sun was flaring like a
> T Tauri star around the 10,000 bc window....and this caused the
> Ice age to end ...catastrophically....lots of hydraulic water
> action mauling the earth.

There has only been one ice age and that is what the mythologies call the Global Flood. The planet that was destroyed was a water world and sent water throughout the solar system (there is actually more water on the outer moons than on earth) which has been proven by the limestone meterorites that Russian Scientists found which they say could only have come from the ocean bed of a planet at one time in our solar system. Further, the Williamette Meteorite was originally stated to be from the iron core of a planet once in orbit around our sun.


> Earths oceans rose some 400ft from just inside the 10,000 bc
> window inward to 8,000,....5,000.[USGS] dates change.

The manmade dating methods are out to lunch - a manmade sphere in billion year old marble pretty much proves that. The Expanding Earth Video proves that the cultural mythologies are correct and that this earth was hit by a global flood which increased the size of the earth.


> independent moving moons,planets,stars [Brown Dwarf class with
> planets and moons of their own] dynamic movement.

I think you'll find that the micronova is what led to this perturbation of the solar system. It blew Pluto from its orbit around Neptune into its own orbit. Kicked Venus right upside down and Uranus right over on its side. Check out the orbit of Mercury below and you can see where the explosion blew little Mercury right into the sun.


> the incoming comets which are new...and which can arrive
> hyberbolic like ISON....could be from regional upset and
> flaring of Brown Dwarfs and or other Stars.

Sagan, in his book Comet, stated that if it were found that there was a Dwarf Star in our system, it would immediately be recognized as the Perturber of the Asteroid Belt and the (imaginary) Oort Cloud. Now, another problem for the Astronomers is that there was an influx of fossil meteorites (L Chondrites) which Cosmic Ray Exposure Rates date to only a couple of thousand years ago which is in perfect agreement with the cultural records but leaves Darwin out on a Limb of that bananna tree.


> they are not from the beginning of the Solar System as
> mainstream science says.

I think you will find that they were. The objects that are out of place as far as Astronomy goes, is all the captured outer moons of the outer gas giants (Jupiter, Saturn etc) where their orbits around their host planets are so irratic that they are obviously not original however, the planets themselves are original - there just happens to be one that is 'missing' from the lineup which is actually recorded by the Egyptians who have two Heiroglyphs from the book of the Earth (as recorded by Sitchin in the 12th Planet on page 68) which shows the sun, moon and ten planets in one glyps, then shows the sun, moon and nine planets in another with one of the planets coming up missing. Further, the Greeks and Egyptians both place the Pantheon at 12 (originally) and you can see the Egyptian Pantheon at the top of the Weighing of the Soul Heiroglyph which shows 12 gods seated in the upper left.


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5,000-year old rock art found in India is likely the oldest depiction of a supernova


3600 BC. Astrophysicist Mayank Vahia and his colleagues at the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research believe a rock painting found in what is today part of the Kashmir region of south Asia is the oldest record of a supernova and likely the oldest sky chart ever drawn. The artwork shows two bright objects in the sky, with figures of animals and humans underneath.

The figures underneath the supernova and the moon on the rock painting aren’t part of a hunting scene, as it might seem at first glance. Instead, Vahia’s analysis shows they neatly fit the constellations that surrounded the supernova: The man with the bow and arrow on the left is Orion; the stag is Taurus; the man on the right holding a spear is part of Pisces; and the dog is the Andromeda galaxy.

The figures underneath the supernova and the moon on the rock painting aren’t part of a hunting scene, as it might seem at first glance. Instead, Vahia’s analysis shows they neatly fit the constellations that surrounded the supernova: The man with the bow and arrow on the left is Orion; the stag is Taurus; the man on the right holding a spear is part of Pisces; and the dog is the Andromeda galaxy.

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The individual pictured with the spear is Centaur, not Orion.  Leo is on the right Sagittarius is on the left with Virgo pictured by the Sun where the sun was at the time of the Micronova in August 3576 BC supported by a Horned god in the Denderah Zodiac.


The Micronova would have been figured as being in hydra but blew itself into Scorpio according to the records as well as pictured here.


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The horns of the stag are assuredly the two claws of the Scorpion which probably gained that symbolism (death) from this very event...

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