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Topic: Entombed Animals!

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Entombed Animals!


Gee, just how did that frog get encased in limestone 'millions' of years old and manage to survive?  Because they were entombed at twice the barometric pressure as today.  But, of course, Evolutionists sweep it under the rug.  Other accounts exist of Pteradactyls entombed, etc.


"References to entombed animals have appeared in the writings of William of Newburgh,[3] J. G. Wood,[4] Ambroise Paré,[5] Robert Plot,[6] André Marie Constant DumérilJohn Wesley, and others.[2][7] Even Charles Dickensmentioned the phenomenon in his journal All the Year Round.[8] According to the Fortean Times, about 210 entombed animal cases have been described in EuropeNorth AmericaAfricaAustralia, and New Zealand since the fifteenth century.[2]

At times, multiple animals are said to have been encased in the same place. Benjamin Franklin wrote an account of four live toads claimed to have been found enclosed in quarried limestone.


During the 1820s, English geologist William Buckland conducted an experiment to see how long a toad could remain alive while encased in stone. He placed toads of different sizes and ages into carved chambers within limestone and sandstone blocks, then buried the blocks in his garden. A year later, he dug up the blocks and found that most of the toads were dead and decayed. A few toads that had been in the limestone (which did contain small pores) were still living. However, Buckland found them all dead after reburying them in the limestone for another year."


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