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Topic: Scoffield's Bastard Son!

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Scoffield's Bastard Son!


Here is something I just posted on another site in response to Ten Questions Young Earth Creationists can't Answer :


Wow - seriously?


1) What was the point to the Tree of Life? Well, genius, to impart immortality. Problem being that, since God decided to give us Free Will it required a maturing process first especially after the Fall cause, if someone became immortal in a fallen condition, they would spend eternity in hell cause they couldn't repent. You are aware, of course, that virtually every culture on the planet talks about the Tree of Life, right?


2) Why can't animals be saved? Who said they couldn't, genius? You are aware, of course, genius, that the Egyptians, who taught a resurrection, believed that their animals pets would also be resurrected which is why they mummified them?


3) Why do Christians still die? Cause they are sinners, genius. And, your premise is wrong. Death is not the "punishment" for sin. Death is the RESULT of sin.


4) Eve? Well, genius, because she became the mother of the race of Adam.


5) What is Death? You do know, genius, that Adam and Eve used 100% of their Brain whereas you only use, at the most, 10% (I'm guessing alot less) and, further, genius, they did not need to know what death was only that it was not good - kinda like evolution. You know, when God told them there was something such as GOOD and EVIL, it doesn't take a rocket scientist like you to figure out that this means there are also GOOD beings and EVIL beings.


6) Why didn't they both die? First off, genius, God, as you pointed out, spoke those words to Adam, not Eve. Second, the Man carries the Spirit (last chapter of Malachi, genius, where "Residual" in the KJV also means "Reservoir") and the Woman only carries the building blocks of life (therefore, amoral). When Adam fell, he became Sterile immediately and, thus, died (mythologies support this, genius, which tell us his wife gave him something to eat and he became sterile).


7) I was really, REALLY, hoping you were gonna bring this one up, genius! Thanks, genius, I owe ya a beer! Any Literature that talks about talking Animals! You mean, other than the Day of the Dolphin, genius?


These dolphins talk to each other. Why do we insist it isn’t language?

David Shariatmadari


You don know that its much more fashionable to talk to Chimps and Dolphins now a days then serpent and asses, right, genius?


8) Genesis 1 and 2? You do know, genius, that P.J. Wiseman, while you were still an itch in your old man's sack, proved that Genesis was compiled of Eye Witness Accounts ("Ancient Records and the Structure of Genesis")? And, you do know that Professional Law Enforcement Officers KNOW, that if two witnesses use the exact same terminology to describe their recollection of events that they have collaborated on their stories before hand? In other words, genius, the first Creation Account is that of the Angel left behind to guard the way of the Tree of Life and the second account is that of Adam's. The Angel is called Osiris by the Egyptians, Enlil by the Sumerians, Cherion by the Greeks, etc. If you want to know what he looked like, look up Djoser in Egypt.


9) Incest? You assume that Adam and Eve where the only two couples procreating on the planet at the time. Ooops...


10) Genesis Literally? Are you talking about the part where a man shall leave his parents and cleave unto his wife and the two will be come one flesh, or the part where he reminded you, genius, that Noah entered the Ark and the rest of humanity was destroyed? A little clarification needed, genius.


By the way, you might want to go read the Apocrypha - the part that talks about retards like you scorning God's Word...

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