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Topic: The Times of Astonishment!

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The Times of Astonishment!


So, after Daniel understood Neba's dream about the Tree he sat in astonishment for one hour.  Convert that to one of the Lord's Hours (i.e. a day with the Lord is a thousand years, etc) and you end up with 41.6 years.

The astonishment came before the judgment so Neba's seven insane years are a type of the seven insane years under the Antichrist which we have shown start Nisan first 2033 AD so we subtract out those 41.6 years and end in the summer of 1991 Anno Domini.

That's the year of the first Gulf War when America invaded Iraq the home of Babylon.

Interestingly enough, we finally moved out of Iraq this past year for some strange and unknown reason...


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