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Topic: A Sign of the Apocalypse : Bleeding Trees!

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A Sign of the Apocalypse : Bleeding Trees!



2 Esdras Chapter 5

5 And blood shall drop out of wood, and the stone shall give his voice, and the people shall be troubled:

Published on Jun 9, 2013
One of the Signs of the Apocalypse of Ezra is bleeding trees.
In Chapter 5 of II Esdras Uriel says that "blood shall drop from wood" or the trees shall bleed.
Post Scripts :
1) The Sap of Diseased trees is gummy, not watery as in the videos - that includes Elms - the 'bleeding' of the trees in the Video above is not normal.
2) For those who say this is faked, you then have to answer the question as to why the Insiders want to call everyone's attention to a 2400 year old Prophecy about the Apocalypse - remember, these are the people with their fingers on the nuclear buttons - no matter how you look at it you lose and either possibility is a Sign of the Apocalypse.
3) The Prophecy was not written by Origen, as one idiot stated but, in fact, Origen was probably the one who removed it from the Catholic Canon in the first place. The only Churches that have always considered this Vision to be Scripture is the Anglican and the Russian Orthodox. The Prophecy comes from Chapter Five.
4) In answer to Danny's Question - the most important thing to remember is that there will be three Trumpet Blasts of the Destroyer (see video) right before the Pole Shift - Three Strikes and you're out. By then, if you are still in a coastal area you might want to get to higher ground. These will probably be heard Globally, not in isolated areas, based on Isaiah 18, "When he lifts up a Standard on the Mountains and when He Sounds a Trumpet hear ye, all you citizens of the Earth."
5) For all you Catholic bashing Protestants out there, please explain to me why this Vision was included in the King James Version of the Bible for 200 years before it was removed if the King James is as Inspired as you thought it was. You can get a 400 year Anniversary of the King James which includes this Vision at any Barnes and Noble Bookstore which is exactly where I found this Vision for the first time myself.
6) II Esdras is a collection of Visions that were given to Ezra (of the Old Testament - who compiled the Old Testament Canon) by the Angel Uriel about the end times. There are two main Visions each of which has its own set of (similar) Signs of the Apocalypse. The first one is the Vision of the Eagle from the Sea which is basically the Rise and Fall of the American Empire - the Prophecy of America in Scripture that the Evangelicals have been looking for. The second Vision is the Man from the Sea which is Y'shua (with his Genitle Converts) at his Return. Y'shua is mentioned by name as the Messiah of Israel in this Prophecy and there is a crystal clear reference to the Pretribulational Rapture in this vision which is where the Apostles got it from.
7) The probable excuse for the rejection of the vision by some of the Churches is the Angel calling the Messiah his son however, this is probably a general use such as calling someone your brother who is not your actual brother or it is one of the ancestors of Y'shua who was taken back in time before He began His ministry - the so-called Preincarnate appearances of Y'shua are actually post incarnate appearances.
Notes :
1) Here is a Link for the King James Version of II Esdras :


The Tabernacle of David

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