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Topic: Time in a Bottle : Time Line Notes

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Time in a Bottle : Time Line Notes


So, I was bored the other night and decided that I would take the graph from the margins of my Bible and recreate it and put it up here and in the process I found a three year error in my original graph which I have now corrected in the one above and it is even more accurate then it was before as the notes at the bottom indicate.

One thing I noticed immediately was when I checked the new date for the Ark of the Covenant being bagged by the Philistines it turned out that at least three major chronometers targeted three major disastrous dates in the History of Judaism and I plan on typing those up in the Times of the Ark.

There are a few chronologies that are affected and I will go straighten those out today but this graph, if nothing else, will go to show that I am not arbitrarily making up dates for all my chronologies.

Not that anyone will but feel free to copy and propagate.

That's like Be Fruitful and Multiply but different.


Graphs :


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Besides the 30+ Biblical Chronologies I have been able to draw from my Timeline (odds, by the way, would be 30+ factorial to 1 - the Texas Instruments Calculator you may have probably can't handle that number - 6 Billion people on the planet and I'm the only one who figured it all out and you think it's because I am a "good guesser" - I don't think so Genius), there are very interesting juxtapositions that indicate the accuracy of this Biblical Chronology.  They can, basically, be categorized under Jubilees, Deaths and Dates.

Jubilees : The very first Jubilee occurred in 2777 FC (From Creation) and could also be included under the Date Category - 27 (3 X 9 where 3 is the Trinity and 9 the Angels) is the Select Master's Number of York Rite Lineage.  Seventy Seven is Perfection Doubled (God and the Angel) and also 70 X 7 or God's forgiveness for the Redeemed.

David, assuredly, was anointed in the 8th Jubilee which explains Samuel's Anxiety.  Solomon times the start of the Temple for the 9th Jubilee (proclaimed on Yom Kippur in his fourth year) possibly to justify the Monarchical practice started by Saul in the 8th Jubilee (note the blowing of the trumpets "throughout the land" in I Sam 13:3 only commanded for Jubilees) of accruing all that wealth into their coffers (see Jubilee on Wall Street for how rich the nation probably was).

The Reforms by Josaiah (#17), Jehoshaphat (#11), Hezekiah (#15) are clearly seen to have been motivated by these Jubilees.  Uzziah probably got lifted up in pride at the 14th Jubilee and ended up struck with leprosy.

The Nation of Ephraim was destroyed in the 15th Jubilee under the Assyrians and Jerusalem and Israel were destroyed in the 12th (2nd Temple Cycle) Jubilee in 73 AD and, the Pretrib Rapture of the Church will occur - possibly on Yom Kippur when the trumpets are blown - in the Sabbatical Year that precedes the Jubilee Year that occurs in 2033 AD (2nd Temple Cycle) and this is because of the Sabbatical Year in Zedekiah's 10th year which caused him to make the Sabbatical Covenant (Jer 34) which he subsequently broke leading to a Liberty to the Sword in type of the Tribulation falling after the Rapture.

Ezra received his Apocalypse from Uriel in the very first Jubilee of the 2nd Temple Cycle (for those who don't know, the vision includes a very precise chronology of the Age of Edom and the Age of Jacob based on a Lunar Day for Year Cycle - i.e. 354 X 10.5 and 354 X 1.5 and he received his Angelic Vision after the former as figured from Creation as recorded in these graphs).

Deaths : The death of Able caused God to give man 120 years - not to the flood but to the departure of the cities of Eden (i.e. New Jerusalem - see II Esdras 7:26 for the proof that they were on this earth before the flood - the Bride is now, currently, "withdrawn from the earth") which, then, led directly to the first battle for the Tree of Life.

Lamech died exactly seven years before the flood ('prematurely' at age 777) as a type of the start of the 7 year tribulation and Methusaleh died three years before the flood as a type of the second half of the tribulation.

Terah decides to leave Ur due to the death of his father Nahor, and Abraham leaves Haran after the death of his Great, Great Grandfathe Reu.  God then makes the Covenant with Abraham at the death of his Great Grandfather Serug.  

It is the death of the Deluge Patriarch Shem that leads Edom to marry and the death of the Patriarch Heber (who was then the oldest after the death of Shem) that motivated Isaac to send Jacob to Padan Aram for a wife.

Dates : Enoch is translated in the year 993 FC seven years before the end of the first Lord's Day as a type of the Pretrib Rapture before the last seven years of this age begin.  It was this lineup that convinced me that I was on the right track concerning the Biblical Timelines.

The cities of God leave in 250 FC or one quarter of one of the Lord's Days.  Exactly 360 years later the Horus War begins (to avenge Osiris at the second battle for the Tree of Life - Osiris being the Angel left behind to guard said Tree - the Greeks called him Cherion, Enlil in Sumeria - he was actually Djoser in Predynastic Egypt).  The dates for this war were originally obtained from one of Sitchin's books ("363rd year of the reign of Anu") which got me in the ballpark, then I nailed it down by realizing that the Micronova was recorded in the very ancient Ruling Planets of the Zodiac which was a Star Chart waiting for someone to guess at it (that's another 6 billion to one shot, genius) and places the Micronova that led to the 2nd battle for the Tree of Life to occur precisely on August 9, 3576 BC.

The Flood occurs precisely in the year 1666 FC - for those who are skeptical you can produce your own graph and all you have to do is add one year per birth from Adam to Jacob (except for Arphazad who was born in the second year after the flood - if you were a real good guesser you'd guess yourself as to why it took Shem two years to pop out an heir - three actually when you realize he was on the ark for a year doing nothing but tending animals and it weren't to conserve food cause the kid would be breast feeding for two or three years - if you want a hint you can start in Genesis 8:13) and you will see these exact same dates line up.

Neba's statue was completed exactly in the year 3600 FC which is a favorite date for the Chaldeans (if you don't believe me just ask Sitchin) and the first year of Cyrus, who sacked those same Chaldeans, was 3666 FC.

The 'abomination' under Antiochus is exactly 2,222 years from the Abomination of Desolation under the Antichrist in 2036 AD.  This date was derived from the Maccabbes with my own adjusted Grecian Chronology - i.e. I put his Ascension Year in 334 BC and the first year of his reign in 333 BC.  In my own defense, all of the chronologies of the Ancient World (Assyrians, Chaldeans, Medians, Persians, Grecians and even the Romans up to circa 300 AD and including, by the way, the harmonization of the Christian Calendar with the Mayan) are a quagmire and they are all dependent upon the eclipses copiously and fastidiously recorded by the Chaldeans but the problem is that Lunar Eclipses repeat themselves every 18 years in what is called a Saros Cycle and if you happen to pick the wrong Eclipse your chronology will be off by 18 years (2012 AD + 18 + 2030 AD when the Davidic Leader of the end days shows up in Israel).  Thus, assuredly, for the sacking of Babylon by Cyrus they chose the wrong eclipse and it probably occurred in 512 BC and, thus, Darius' ascension year and he reigned for four years after this as with Alexander.

From Jeremiah throwing his Scroll into the Euphrates until Cyrus diverted that river was exactly 70 years and assuredly the Euphrates will be rediverted back to its old course around 2032-33 AD and that judgment will flow into Babylon seven years later for a total of 77 Years.

The Reader can check all my chronologies on this site for even more proof and there are probably hundreds of other interesting dates just waiting for the Chronological Adventurer to find and then you can "store up faith like a treasure" as I have been doing for several decades now like the one below.


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David Hill 30 Dec 2000 The History of the Jubilee Celebration 

I had always assumed; because I had read it somewhere; that there was no proof in the Scriptures or History that Israel had ever celebrated the Jubilee Year. I just assumed that Joshua passed away before the first one and that it was never celebrated. 

Even if Joshua did die before the first Jubilee (though it says that he reigned a long time in Israel after they came up into the land and lived to be 110 years old), he certainly instituted the Sabbatical Cycle. This can be seen very clearly in the book, for in the fifth year of coming up into the land (Caleb was 40 at the exodus and 85 at this point) Joshua stopped fighting and conquering and divided up the land by lots.

Editor's Note : April 11, 2019 AD : This proves that they did start the Jubilee Cycle on the year they entered the Promised Land as I originally believed and have now updated my material and graph which fits this perfectly.

The reason is obvious. The people needed to get settled into their land and houses before the sixth year, so that they could reap down the crop from the sixth year, in order to let the land rest on the seventh year after coming into the land - without starving to death. So, there is absolutely no doubt that he started the Sabbatical/Jubilee cycle immediately, and if he was alive for the first Jubilee (certainly possible) then he would definitely have instituted it. Not only he, but the entire nation had the zeal in those early years to do so - see chapters 11,14 and 22.

So, while was I thinking about this, I decided to research the 70 year Babylonian captivity in reference to this. Those seventy years were specifically to let the Land enjoy its Sabbaths that it had missed when they hadn't celebrated either the Sabbatical Year (rest for the land every 7 years) or the Jubilee. 

It can safely be assumed that this 70 years is not 70 jubilee years that Israel didn't honor, for that would bring you back till before the flood - roughly 3500 years before the Babylonian captivity. So, this 70 years is the sum total of all the Sabbatical years of rest and Jubilee years of rest that they missed. Hence, if you figure it out you will see that there are 62 Sabbatical years that they missed and 8 Jubilee years for a total of 70 years of rest that they 'owed' the Land. 

As well, since the Jubilee year is the last half of the 49th year and the first half of the 1st year of a new cycle, the total amount of years that they stopped celebrating the Sabbatical/Jubilee cycle is 62 x 7 for a total of 434 years, up until the destruction of Jerusalem by the Babylonians in 586 - 585 BC. Hence then, by adding the total amount of years that they stopped the Cycle, till the Year of Jerusalem's destruction, brings you back to the year 1020 - 1019 BC as the last year that they celebrated the Sabbatical - Jubilee Cycle. 

Editor's Note : On my new corrected graph you will see that this is the very start of the Reign of Solomon - he finished off what Saul started.

It was the establishment of the Monarchy under Saul that directly led to the end of the Celebration of the Jubilee Cycle. 

After the death of Eli and his sons at the capture of the Ark, Samuel re-establishes the sabbatical year via the third year offerings in preparation for the upcoming Jubilee and the Lord delivers them from the enemy supernaturally, which leads to the Philistines, "Not coming into the coasts of Israel anymore" and this is important and we will see it again - after this Israel was not at war with Philistia. And then the people ask him for a King.

Now, Samuel told them what the King was going to do to support his monarchy (taxes, confiscation of land and people etc - chapter 8), and if you consider this closely you will see that this is implying that the King was going to suspend the Jubilee and Sabbatical cycles and take that wealth to himself to finance his Monarchy! When they anointed a King he was not supposed to act thus (see Lev. 24:18, Deut. 17 and 1 Sam 13:14), but God was telling them that this was in fact, going to occur - without specifically mentioning the Jubilee Year. 

So, he anoints Saul as King, assuredly in the year 1064 BC two years before the upcoming Jubilee Year. 

Now, some of the people didn't want Saul as king, so the Lord allows the Ammonites to attack, and Saul - filled with the Spirit - cuts up a Ox and ships it throughout Israel and thus 'motivates' the people to help attack this army, which they do and they win, and then everyone wants Saul to be king. So, they go up to Gilgal to reconfirm his ordination. Then, Samuel asks the people if he had ever oppressed them and they said no. Samuel was doing this to show that he had restored the Sabbatical year that had lapsed under Eli, and that the years that he was in authority he was blameless and now, in this Sabbatical/Jubilee year, Saul is responsible and the rest is up to Saul - the new King, for now the Sabbatical/Jubilee year is at hand. 

This is his big test. Will he continue the observation of the Sabbatical and Jubilee year - even though it will put a dent in the revenue for the new Monarchy? If in fact, the Jubilee year was celebrated by Israel for 400 years previous to (see "Jubilee on Wall Street") Israel would have been a very wealthy country with virtually no poor people in it (i.e. imagine taking out a $20,000 house loan with no interest - Gideon claimed to be from the poorest family in Israel yet his father had servants - I did grow up in the poorest family in our town and we sure couldn't afford servants).

The very fact that within one generation from this, Solomon became the wealthiest King in History, goes a long way to prove that indeed the nation of Israel did in fact celebrate the Jubilee cycle for 400 years and everyone was very well off and these riches would have been a very tempting source of revenue for the Monarchy - especially if the king already had a 2-3 year 'taste' - absolute power corrupts absolutely. However, with the Sabbatical and Jubilee year coming up back-to-back, this could have put the Monarchy in financial 'difficulty' - at least some might think this. 

The pressure is on, and what does Saul do? In the Year before our Lord, of 1062, the very first thing that Saul does, is give some troops to his son Jonathan and told him to go attack a Philistine outpost in the Judean Hill country.

Now, remember, because of the Lord's previous deliverance of Israel under Samuel, Israel was not currently at war with Philistia. Saul picked a fight with them for a specific reason. And that reason is shown immediately in context, because the second thing that Saul does is blow the trumpets throughout all the land and here you have a specific reference to a Jubilee Year in the Word of God because nowhere in the Word are you ever commanded to blow a trumpet throughout the land except in the Jubilee year. 

Remember, just previous to this, Saul cut up an ox and shipped it throughout Israel - while he was filled with the Spirit - to motivate the people. If he was trying to get everyone's attention, he doubtless would have done the same. But now, he blows the trumpets throughout the land and links these Jubilee Trumpets with a War against the Philistines (which war he had just induced) - to justify continual taxation of the people during the Sabbatical Jubilee years.

Thus ended the glorious institution of the Jubilee year. 

He then goes up to Gilgal (where the monarchy was established and which is the area that he conveniently decided to start the war in) and waits for Samuel, who postpones his visit past the appointed time. Why? 

Because Saul was expecting Samuel to support his actions at killing the Jubilee celebration and that is something that Samuel could not, and would not do. And when he does show up, Samuel specifically tells Saul that he had not, "Kept the Word of the Lord" and if he had of that God would have established the Monarchy under his name. Thus, the Word of the Lord concerning the Jubilee Celebration was the test for Saul and if he had of honored it, it would be the Saulstic Throne and not the Davidic Throne.

Notice how well this also ties into the 'breaking of the covenant' that we know the Antichrist accomplishes.

This is further emphasized by his next actions - which may have been in this same year. He is supposed to kill Agag and destroy all his goods, but instead Saul gives the spoil to the Israelites. He was 'buying them off' so to speak. Because he was planning on continuing to tax them during the Sabbatical and Jubilee years, (forcing them to sow and reap during the same) he wanted to do something to monetarily compensate the Israelites.

Thus, by giving them the spoil, he eased his own conscience and made them feel a lot better as well - he bribed them into giving up the Jubilee Year Liberty - and they went along with it. And, once again, this is supported by Saul's return to Gilgal in order to finalize this bargain tying this action into the Monarchy, at the place where it was commissioned - thus again justifying his actions up to this point. 

It is very possible that it was during this Jubilee year, that Samuel anointed David as King. The next major event on the chronology seems to be the ascension of David to the throne. He was thirty years old at the time, and he ruled in Judah for seven years and then over all Israel for 33 years for a total of 40. It seems that after those first 7 years, when he began ruling over all Israel, that in the same year he brought the Ark up from Kirjeth where it had resided, we are told, for 20 years.  David missed the chance to re-institute the Jubilee cycle, which then falls to Solomon. Unfortunately, apparently David didn't re-institute the Sabbatical cycle either - or there wouldn't have been 70 years of captivity. 

Now, Solomon starts rebuilding the Temple in his fourth year which is just before the next Jubilee Cycle which justifies not restoring that Cycle and by the time they are finished with the Temple everyone has pretty much forgotten about it.  Because of this one omission, God eventually takes the ten northern tribes away from Solomon and civil war occurs in Israel.

This, by the way, probably explains why David wanted to start building the Temple when he did. He wanted to have it done before the Jubilee year, indicating that he may have had plans of re-instituting it and probably would then have restored the sabbatical as well - with the temple completed. 

After this, no one else tries to restore the Sabbatical/Jubilee cycle except Zedekiah - to avoid the Babylonian captivity - which is very telling. This tells us that the Monarchy had a guilty conscience about suspending this celebration. Then finally, Nehemiah makes an attempt to restore this as well, but unfortunately, he never made it. He probably passed off the scene before he had a chance. 

Now, however, there is one other attempt to restore the Jubilee cycle. You see, the First Political Statement that Y'shua ever made was, "I have come to set the captives free!" Y'shua was stating, loud and clear, that he planned on restoring the Sabbatical Jubilee Celebration.

And this one statement is really what led to his death. For now he was messing with the wallets of the people who 'ruled' the country (i.e. oppressed the people) and they would not allow any King to do such a thing - not even the Messiah - "The Love of Money is the root of all evil."

The ruling elite (the Sadducees - who controlled the Sanhedrin - and the Herodians) didn't condemn Y'shua because he claimed to be the Son of God (some of the Pharisees who sat on the Sanhedrin did because they really thought He was blaspheming - but many in Israel expected the Messiah to be God's Son), they just used that as an excuse. They condemned him because the restoration of the Jubilee cycle would have taken money out of their coffers and basically put them out of a job and out of their positions of power and authority that they had over the nation. Y'shua planned on restoring the Monarchy in Honor and He was killed for it. 

Thus is the History of the Jubilee Celebrations.

However, He isn't finished yet...


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