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Topic: The Times of the Ark

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The Times of the Ark


So, now that I corrected a three year error I went and checked some more dates and the ones around the Ark of the Covenant are the most interesting off all of them cause I have something like five major Chronometers that stem from that episode - when they lost the Ark to the Philistines - that nail major disastrous dates in Israel's History.

So, the Ark was lost in 1066 BC and the count starts Nisan first of the next year and you have to subtract out a year between BC and AD and our 2730 (13 month Solar Calendar of 30 days each as in leap years this is actually also Ephraim's Judgment period from Ezekiel's Mock Siege) Chronometer nails 1666 AD which is the year that Shabatai Tzvi (who claimed to be the Son of God and who had stirred up all Jewry in Europe and not a few Christians into thinking the manure was about to hit the rotary oscillatory) ending up converting to Islam to save his derriere (excusez mon Francais) from beheading.

Then, when we use the 2556 Chronometer (365.2 X 7) we nail 1492 when Columbus sailed the ocean blue cause Portugal kicked the Jews out that year.

The 2520 Rule (360 Prophetical Years as Sir Robert Anderson called them - not Grant Jeffrey) hits 1556 AD when Pope Calixtus what's his number (III) not only Taxed the Jews to pay for his war against the Turks but also passed out a Papal Bull (****) saying Christian's could testify against Jews but Jews could not testify against Christians.

The 2300 Rule (2520 - 220 which represents the headless period of the world system) hits 1236 AD when, according to Wiki, "Crusaders attack Jewish communities of Anjou and Poitou and attempt to baptize all the Jews and those who resisted (est. 3,000) were slaughtered.

Another one of 1200 years hits 196 BC which is the end of the Bar Kokhba rebellion... 


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