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Topic: The Pearl of Great Price : York Rite Masonic Passages in the Scriptures!

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The Pearl of Great Price : York Rite Masonic Passages in the Scriptures!


So, since I have been researching Masonry I have found several passages in the Bible that can only be understood in a context of a Pre-existing form of York Rite Masonry that predates the days of Moses and, therefore, supports my belief that it originated in Predynastic Egypt.  For those who doubt this statement consider that Enoch actually means Initiate and ask yourselves just how many religions are there on the planet that Initiate someone as opposed to converting them.

So, to prove my point I will recount four instances in which there is an obvious reference to Masonry in the Biblical context which cannot be understood outside of this connection all of which are interdependent upon each other that brings a unity to the passages in question that they obviously do not contain in and of themselves separately or in the aggregate.

This will show that a Proto York Rite Masonry was the God Ordained and Established Religion (complete with Liturgy, 'Priesthood' and Temple or Lodge) that Enoch was Initiated into (this Rite only has 7 Decrees with 33* Masonry a Chaldean corruption who, however, still have to get their inspiration by ordination from the York Rite via laying on of hands in the First Degree).

The story starts with the Rebellion of Korah but to set the stage we need some background information first.

Moses finds out he's stuck wandering around in the Wilderness for forty years so he commences to purge the Scriptures (the Eye Witness Accounts that make up the Book of Genesis - see P.J. Wiseman's Ancient Records and the Structure of Genesis) from all the names of the Pagan dieties.

After he is done with that he does the same thing to his Masonic Monitor.  First he establishes his own degree (now the Tenth Degree with the current Eighth Degree founded by Solomon which contains the Egyptian Hieroglyphs for Temple and House as well as the Seal of Solomon called the Star of David) in order to get the Israelites to revere the Sacred Name given to him by God at Sinai.

But, he decided that this was not going to be enough so he then turns around and butchers the Seventh Degree of Masonry and, in the process, introduces Ceremonial Blaspheme by having the Captain of the Guard (aka Senior Deacon) claim the Divine Name as his own.  

This practice actually comes from the 'Spells' from the Egyptian Book of the Dead in which the 'deceased' claims Divine Names for himself in order to safely traverse the underworld.

Now, in order for Moses to make these changes to Masonry he needed to get the permission from all the other Grand Masters in the Israeli Lodge (proven by the fact that, try as he might, he could not delete the Sacred Name of Masonry which he assuredly wanted to do which, by the way, I have proven is Y'Ba'al Amin and means, The Lord Amin which Amin being Y'shua as He claims for Himself in Revelation 3:14) which he apparently does and that is because, up to this point in time, he is still glowing from his trip up to the Mount the second time.

Now, assuredly Caleb warned against making these changes especially profaning the Sacred Name but he was ignored (subsequently proven by his youth being maintained, as with Moses, but he was allowed into the Promised Land but Moses himself was not and we will have more on this later).  And, at this point, Caleb, to be true to his Masonic Vows could no longer meet in the Israeli Lodge for it is now a Clandestine Lodge and, in fact, was probably excommunicated for this stand and told that he could not start his own Lodge.

So, the next time they initiate three Candidates into the Seventh Degree and the Ceremonial Blaspheme is committed, all Hell breaks loose, so to speak, and Moses stops glowing and now they all know they are in serious trouble and especially Korah because he made sure he was the one playing the part of the Captain of the Guard specifically so he could claim the Divine Title as his own so that he would have a type of authority over Moses who would have played the part of the King and Aaron that of the High Priest (which, by the way, is probably a foreshadowing of the events in the middle of the tribulation with the Antichrist and False Prophet).

Then the next day the big rebellion occurs with Korah stating that Moses took too much upon himself referring, no doubt, to Moses including the Masonic Sacred Scripture in his Book of Genesis which is the first (Angelic) Creation Account - this being the Angel left behind to guard the way of the Tree of Life who founded Masonry called Osiris, Djoser, Cherion, Enlil, etc.

This rebellion included Korah's Minions and 250 Leaders of the Congregation (whom should have stood beside Moses to try and figure a way out of the mess they all had gotten themselves into) whom Moses orders to be in front of the Tabernacle the next day and their leader refuses and asks Moses if he were going to, "Cut out the Eyes of these Men."

This question and Moses' furious (not-so-meek anymore) response makes absolutely no contextual sense until you realize that this is the Penalty for the Select Master's Degree (9th Degree but originally the 8th) whom these men were probably initiated into as Leaders of the Congregation and it is also the Penalty for the 10th Degree which was founded by Moses.


The rest is, as they say, history but now there is a problem but we are justified in mentioning another little detail and that is that the entire congregation goes Postal and Moses has an insurmountable problem on his hands and the Creator Himself must step in so He performs the Miracle of Aaron's Rod budding overnight and the reason that this was such a powerful sign and succeeding in silencing the entire congregation is because this is the theme of the Ace of Wands Card in the Tarot which was, basically, the common peoples Masonic Monitor (probably what the Masons call the Book of Nature or the Book of Creation).



Now, the problem is, if Masonry is God Ordained then it is in danger of falling so something has to be done to ensure the survival of this Institution.  If you ask why didn't Moses just restore the original rite the answer is that he actually thought he was justified and that the Creator was fighting against the gods of Egypt.  Unfortunately, this erroneous conclusion directly leads to the incident of the second smiting of the Rock in which, basically, Moses claims to be God ("must we fetch water from this rock") just like in the altered degree and which results in Moses' failure to enter the promised land.

So, after the Sacrifice of the Red Heifer has been Instituted (possibly because of the rebellion of Korah) and after the incident of the Talking Ass (no, not Balaam) the Israelites, par for the course, go a whoring after Ba'al Eeyore and God orders Moses to cut off their heads and hang em up in front of the Sun and this also makes absolutely no sense at all until you realize that this is the Masonic Penalty for the Seventh Degree of Masonry and Moses could not have mistook this for anything else.


Then Phinehas proves his zealotry (condition for the original 8th Degree but you need to be tapped for this degree whereas the other Seven you request initiation - you could call this God's Special Forces Degree where they met, performed the task and then disbanded) by executing the sinners and then God gives Phinehas His Covenant of Peace and, it is my stipulation, that God was entrusting pure, uncorrupted York Masonry to him.  As the son of Eleazer (similarly, I might add, as Ezra and Jeremiah and Hilkiah the High Priest in the days of Josaiah), Phinehas was responsible for the Security of the entire Temple (Tabernacle) Complex including all the utensils, the Ark of the Covenant and the Written Torah.

That Phinehas knew this (perhaps even expecting it not having been party to the Ceremonial Blaspheme) can be shown from the Sacred Masonic Hymn of that Decree which they recite right before they speak the Sacred Name of Masonry.


That, obviously, could easily be described as a Covenant of Peace.


That this conclusion is not forced can be shown from a trip to Zechariah 11 and the Idol Shepherd passage where the Two Staves are mentioned and these two staves are actually the Staffs of the Senior Deacon and Junior Deacon.  The first Stave is called Beauty and the Senior Deacon leads the Candidate around the Lodge several times to the tune of Psalm 133 which has three words in it (like the Egyptian Creator Triad by the way) that could be translated as Beauty.



This staff is specifically connected to the Covenant that He made with all the People and can only be the Masonic Covenant (i.e. via Noah and his three sons) and that only this, now corrupted, branch of the original Rite.

The Second Stave is called Bands and so it is that it is the Duty of the Junior Deacon to prepare the Candidate in the Antechamber by binding him with the Cable Tow.

Entered_Apprentice (1).jpg


The reason it was necessary for the Creator to terminate this corrupted version of Masonry is because, basically, it has wrought destruction to the participants where ever it went.  Moses fell in the Wilderness because of it.  Almost assuredly all the Kings of Israel fell because they were initiated into it.  The Civil War in Israel (and probably America) are a result of its Curse.  The Templars themselves were probably hunted down and exterminated because of it and it is assuredly the adoption of this cursed rite that led to all the wars in the Muslim Religion when it first started out (four regime changes within the first hundred years or so) and, therefore, it was brought to and end as far as its ability to transfer God Given Authority and Inspiration.

So, back to our story, now the problem is that Joshua, as Moses' Secretary, was assuredly party to the original ceremony (though assuredly warned against it by Caleb) and now we have a problem.

So, they cross the Jordon and circumcise everyone and, while waiting for everyone to heal, Joshua has the encounter with the Angel.

Look at the passage closely.  Joshua sees a man with a drawn sword in hand and yet approaches him anyways (it doesn't say Joshua had a sword, let alone that it was drawn and, further, he also is probably healing from the operation - check out Gen 34:25).  The point being that Joshua knew who this person was and that is because the Angel is Caleb.  Moses, basically, excommunicated him so he left the congregation and entered the promised land and waited for the Israelites to arrive.  This is why Joshua asked if he was for them or against them and his response set the record straight for Joshua who must have realized something for he falls flat on his face and calls him Lord (Adoni - probably the word that Moses replaced with the Sacred Name) and then the Angel tells him to take off his Sandal for the place he stands is Holy.  That the singular is correct (as opposed to the plural as with Moses at the Burning Bush) can be gleaned, as many Translators do, from the statement itself being truncated.  Note that it does not say Holy Gound because he is not talking about the ground Joshua was standing on but the impromptu Masonic Altar where the presence of the Creator Rested just as with the Altars of the Liturgical Churches.  So it is that, in Initiation in the first degree (as you can see in the image above) the Candidate has one sandal on and one sandal off.  Joshua needed to be re-initiated because he had participated in Ceremonial Blaspheme and his response proves he knew this full well (he wasn't worshiping the Angel but the presence of the Lord just as in Masonic Initiation as presented in the other image above).

Thus, at Joshua's next, and last, meeting with Caleb when they are dividing the land Caleb comes for his Lot.  He reminds Joshua that he had not aged in 40 years (hinting that he was the Angel - and, in fact, he is still out there somewhere - even applying the word Mighty to himself which is used of the Angels and those sired by them)  and he reminds Joshua that they are still brothers and then specifically mentions the Sacred Name eight times (for each of the original eight degrees) and once more by quoting Moses who used it once (in reference to Joshua and Caleb and he included it to represent the degree started by Moses).  Caleb was letting Joshua know that they were still brothers and that he revered the Sacred Name and he was also conceding to them the degree founded by Moses in the hopes that they would restore the original Rite which, unfortunately, they failed to do.

The Good News is that somewhere, out there, one of the sons of Phinehas is still guarding the original uncorrupted York Rite called the Pearl of Great Price by Y'shua.

I'd like to see it someday.

After my Regular Hours...



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