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Topic: The Return of Cain

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The Return of Cain


Great Pyramid.jpg 

The oldest legend that we have of the Great Pyramid, is that it was built by Adam, Seth and Enoch before the Flood. It was built to house all the Antediluvian Wisdom, and preserve it through the flood. It also, I believe, was to house the bodies of Adam and Eve, as witness to this Wisdom and to the Creator.

It has been proven that the pyramid was built with the use of all the major sciences now known to man: Engineering, Astronomy, Trigonometry, Calculus, Geology and a host of others, including the Queen of the Science's-Eschatology, and the King of the Sciences-Theology. The pyramid is so precise and perfect, that even today, with our knowledge, we could not repeat the process and build another pyramid as perfect as this one.

Now, it is my belief that there was another Science employed, that we don't have a grasp on today, and that is the Science of Quantum Mechanics (actually it should be Quantum Physics). I believe that whoever built the pyramid, had a Working Knowledge of this Science, that was also employed in the pyramid. It is probably this science, given enough time, that man would utilize to travel in time and space. This concept, by the way, is brought out in the movie Star Gate, in which travel through the universe at impossible speeds is achieved through a circular 'gate', that just so happens to be housed in a pyramid. And it may even be possible that this is the means that we will end up traveling the universe in our glorified bodies, and populating them.

Now, lest you think that I am talking off the top of my head, it should be known that Einstein believed that the sheer size, shape and mass, of the pyramid, may make it possible to alter Space and Time. This would explain some of the 'occurrences' inside the pyramid, that have given rise to the Pyramid Power Cult. And this may possibly be the 'god of fortresses' that the Antichrist worships.

Another interesting thing about the Pyramid, that is brought out by Northrop Frye in his books "The Great Code" is that (the pyramid, as a type of) the City of God, would act as a Keep for Hell. Imprisoning the damned spirits-angelic and human- in Sheol, until the day of Judgment. Hence the words, "The Gates of Hell shall not prevail against it (The Church, or the City of God). Remember that the etymology of Tubal-Cains name entails the concept of a temporary inmate.

Now when I was in the military, there were several of us that would meet together for Bible studies etc. One time, we were trying to come up with 'models' of the Trinity.

There are several that occur in nature. For instance, the Universe is composed of: Matter, Space and Time. A trinity. As well, Matter is composed of Solid, Liquid and Gas. Space is measured by Length, Width and Heighth. And Time is measured by Past, Present and Future. So, you have a Trinity of Trinities, so to speak.

Around this time, one of our group had to go away for Tech School for the military. When he got back, he shared some interesting information that he had learned at School.

He learned that Triple Point is the Condition, at a specific Temperature and Pressure, whereat Water takes on the state of a Solid, Liquid and Gas all at the same time. To us, this supplied a near perfect 'model' for the Trinity. Father, Son and Spirit. Three individuals but one God. Water, Ice and Vapor. Three states, but one element.

Now, with this in mind, I will tie this series of posts together. And you should remember, that supposedly, a man is made up of 98% Water.

So Cain and his boys listed in Genesis enter the pyramid. The waters descend and he closes the door and locks it shut so no one can get in and then he waits.

Things are going along great, and he doesn't notice at first that things are becoming alittle 'translucent'. He can 'hear' voices, and 'see' visions of battles and future, or past, history.

Then, the water rises enough, so that it starts pouring into the pyramid through the two 'air shafts' in the Kings Chamber. Now, he has a problem.

At first it is slow, and the water is running down into the 'well of souls' in the basement of the pyramid. But soon it starts pouring in (salt water has been proven to have been present in the pyramid).

The food is spoiled, and he has to hike further up the pyramid. And even though the water is freezing, it has been forced by the barometric pressure, into a crevice in the basement, where it is being exposed to magma, causing steam to fill the pyramid, increasing the humidity and pressure.

The water keeps rising and soon he has retreated to the Kings Chamber and now it is filling up rapidly. The heat and pressure is getting intense and must be excruciating.

Around the time that conditions reach Triple Point in the Pyramid, the Body and Soul of Cain, are "Divided Asunder" from his Spirit because he is not in a glorified body.

They are blasted out of current space and time, to some point in the pyramid in the distant future. His spirit, like the damned antediluvian spirits, are sucked into hell by the watery vortex, thus fulfilling the prophecy that the beast arises from the Abyss.

This also explains why he is thrown alive into the lake of fire 1,000 years before anyone else - because he has already been judged.

And then, when his body and soul appear out of nowhere in the pyramid, his spirit will be unleashed from the abyss to reanimate his body.

And you have the Return of Cain the Antichrist.

I know that this is all just theory, but it certainly makes for interesting reading.

And by the way, there is a chunk of the Coffer in the pyramid that is missing. It is assumed that this is a result of vandals.

However, it could be the result of a human body blasting through triple point.

The information that tipped me off to this theory, is that there is a Face burned into the wall going into the Queen's Chamber in the Pyramid exactly like the image on the shroud of Turin. Someone was in the pyramid when a tremendous amount of power was released and it left his face burned into the stone of the pyramid!

If the explosion was external, then it would have left a shadow on the wall. The fact that it left a negative of the individual's face indicates the in source of energy was from the individual himself!

I did some further research and found that Isaiah may be referring to this very event (also chapter 30).

In the passage where Jesus coined the term "The Great Tribulation" (La Mega Tribos), he said it would be the worst time that the world has ever seen. Now, before the flood (I believe) Cain ruled the world, and Satan with him, in the form of a cursed serpent. So, if that is the case, then how could things possibly be worse then that? The only way that it could be worse is if Cain and Satan again rule this world, except with Satan in his original uncursed body.

The return of Cain and his boys will be accomplished via the great pyramid that Enoch built before the flood (salt water has been found inside the pyramid). Einstein said that the shear size and mass of the pyramid might make it possible to alter space and time, which is why some people call the pyramid a hyper dimensional powerhouse and a Masonic expert said that a pyramid is the perfect medium for manifesting spirits. As well, it is my opinion that this is how the glorified saints will travel around the universe and populate the habitable planets for the rest of eternity!

I believe that at the time of the flood the conditions inside the pyramid resulted in what is known as Triple point which is the condition at which, under a specific temperature and pressure, water takes on the form of a solid and liquid and gas all at the same time. If someone were in the pyramid at the time, there body would have gone bursting through triple point and time (leaving a negative of their face burned on the wall) and their bodies would have been sent through time, while their spirits would have been banished to the abyss until their bodies show up again and of course Rev. tells us that the beast ascends from the abyss.

This whole concept is contained in the Babylonian cosmology which is drawn from the constellations specifically Centaur which is referring to Cain. It is also exactly what the Egyptian book of the dead is talking about when it describes the King Ascending up to the heavens (which the mythologies then interpreted to becoming a star). It is also portrayed in the movie Star Gate, and also in "The Price of the Phoenix" a star trek novel, not to mention the song Kryptonite (I took a walk around the world to ease my troubled mind - Cain the vagabond after killing Abel; I left my body lying somewhere in the sands of time - at the time of the flood via the pyramid; you stumbled in and bumped your head etc - his boys).

I mentioned in that post that Cain may have been able to communicate his thoughts while still in the abyss and this is supported by Rev where Satan is Chained and Bound and then has a seal put on top of him. This seal is to keep him from communicating his thoughts to people during the mill while still in the abyss.

Now, get this. The 'air shafts' in the King's chamber started lining up in 1997 (return of Cain Nisan of 98) and were fully lined up in 2004 - these are the very years that the Egyptian Antiquities shut down the entire Giza Complex during which they covered up the erosion of the Sphinx with a new cement Headdress and, reportedly, carved some tunnels in the pyramid itself. Point is, only They know for sure if anyone showed up at that time.

Now, Isaiah 14 and 30, I am convinced, talks of this very thing where a Young Lion and Old Lion and Viper and Seraphim, all coming up from the southland or Egypt where the pyramid is!

The viper is Cain and the Seraphim is Lucifer, so the question is , who are the lions? It may be possible that up to ten other individuals or even more) were in the pyramid with them. Remember both the Dragon and the Beast have Seven Heads and Ten horns. Might not the ten horns be the ten kings of the end times and the Seven Heads either Seven Fallen Angels like Lucifer or Seven of Cain's sons (or both)?

I realize that this is not easy to believe, but perhaps that is why it was called, "The strong delusion". I encourage people to go through the achieves of this site and get my posts on the Mystery Religion and the Way of Cain, as it goes into this in more detail.

Editor's Note : September 18, 2007 : The reference for the picture of the face in the pyramid is actually the Book 5/5/2000 : Ice the Ultimate Disaster, by Richard Noone, Three Rivers Press, 1997.

The Return of Satan himself will be the result of his becoming immortal at the second battle for the Tree of Life in which he actually ate the tree, and then tried to regurgitate it which killed him by stabbing him in the heart which was mytholized into the fight between he and Anu in which he ate Anu's branch (not sexual organ) and which the South American Natives describe as being stabbed in the back by the Hero. He was exiled on the penal colony on Mars at the face in the pyramid and, eventually, a manned trip to Mars will free him which is stated, specifically, by Job when he said there were those who were ready to "raise up Leviathan." Because he became immortal and 'died' his DNA will be reset so that, when he comes back to life it will be as a uncursed Dragon.


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