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Topic: Black Dwarfs and Revelations

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Black Dwarfs and Revelations


So, in my quest for Ancient Wisdom I picked up a book the other night called The Lost Star by W. Cruttenden which postulated the possibility that our sun is in a binary orbit with Sirius and, frankly, he blew the opposition out of the water.

Basically, without getting into the mechanics involved, there is no way you can look at the facts and not conclude that we are in a 'binary' system.

So, as I was looking at his diagram on that orbit (pg 167) I personally concluded that there may be a third star in this system that the other two are orbiting around that holds them on that course and I decided that it may, in fact, be a Black Dwarf.

While just recently re-reading The Sirius Mystery by Temple, I had postulated the existence of Black Dwarfs because of the Black Rite of the Religion of Osiris who is Lord of the Perfect Black and, turns out that, in fact, Black Dwarfs do exist.

In Theory, anyways.

A Normal Star goes ballistic and blows itself up and the remaining mass contracts upon itself into a tight ball forming Dwarfs such as Red and Brown which, if I remember correctly, are also known as Neutrinos which are, in fact, the smallest and heaviest stars that we know of.

Then, after it has had time to Air Cool (which is the problem for Physicists cause it would, supposedly, take longer then the Universe has been in existence) which in Metallurgy would be called Tempering, it then becomes a Black Dwarf.

Well, this, then, set off the bells in a manner of speaking cause this would be the only true Star - a Black Hole is not a Star - that would be Invisible.

You know, like described by the Dogon.

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