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Topic: Viking Disease and Primative Technology explains fingerless Cave Paintings

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Viking Disease and Primative Technology explains fingerless Cave Paintings




So, I just found out I'm a Viking (see attachment above) and I, just last night, found John Plant's videos on Primative Technology (below) and watching his video on Fire Sticks explained the real source of Viking's Disease (supposedly hereditary from all the rowing they did) and explains the amputated fingers in many cave paintings.




The disease ends up contracting the fingers when you get older and especially the ring and middle fingers and if you watch John's video this is exactly where calluses and blisters form from the process of making fire.  This would get in the way in the process making amputation a viable option for the older men consigned to tending camp while the younger men went hunting.




That some communities manifest it and some don't is easily explained by different means of making fire (flint, bow etc).  Cave paintings of juvenile or younger hands are probably imitation and not actual amputation especially since those were probably the 'old' men's grandkids they were babysitting while tending camp while the kid's fathers were out hunting.









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